The Lodge at Woodloch

You guys, do I have a treat to share with you this week! As you know, I was celebrating Kaelyn the whole weekend. Well on Sunday we all went to the spa on the grounds where we were staying and got treatments. It was such an awesome afternoon and I wish I could do stuff like that more often. So the star of treating myself this Tuesday is my spa day.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

If you are new to treat yourself Tuesday, Becky over at Olivesnwine.com, came up with the idea that we don’t do enough for ourselves. So instead of focusing on other people or doing chores, or just going through the motions, take some time and do something awesome for yourself. This my friends, was awesome.

I started off by slipping into those huge plush robes and some sandals and sipping on some lemon flavored water, when my name was called I was lead into a room to get a body scrub and massage. The scrub was a walnut and shea butter scrub, which was really gentle yet effective. After I was completely slathered head to toe I then showered all the scrub off and was massaged for an hour with lemon scented lotions. It was heaven.

Once all our treatments were complete we then spent the afternoon drinking flavored teas and swimming in the pool.


My favorite part was the eucalyptus scented steam room, but it just got too hot to stay in there too long so we all went out to the hot tub on the deck.


To end the day we went under the waterfalls for a little more massage.


If you are ever in the Poconos please do yourself a favor and check out The Lodge at Woodloch, it is such a treat and very reasonably priced. If you get a treatment all the resources are available to you that day for free.

Have you ever gotten a massage? This is my third, it’s tied for my favorite with the one I had in Montreal.


2 thoughts on “The Lodge at Woodloch”

    1. I love getting a facial, but I only let one lady do it as my skin is SO sensitive. I’ve come out of them and the next day gotten pimples which totally ruins the point.

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