Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I know mine was filled with tons of relaxation and some fun crafts. I was totally in a cooking and crafting mood and managed to get tons done, which is good because I’ll be super busy these next two weekends.

Friday night I went to Target (dangerous!) , Michael’s to get supplies and then headed home. The boyfriend was out with his cousin so I didn’t need to worry about feeding him, which left me eating a few bites of food then getting right into the crafts. The first two things I made I’ll share with you next weekend as I don’t want to give away the surprise for WHO’s baby shower. The next thing though were some awesome eggs for Easter. No not actual eggs but ones I saw on Pintrest and then adapted to my own. Super easy and they look so festive now!

I’ll post how I made them later on this week!

photo 2After a full night of crafting I woke up Saturday with tons of energy (could be the three cups of coffee I had) and cleaned the apartment. After that was done I started to do laundry and while I was down in the laundry room I saw my cork letters that I was doing sitting on a shelf. I had tons of corks to put on so I brought them upstairs for some more crafts.

IMGP0131I’m pretty excited that the A is complete and the S is more than half done! I saw fake corks at Target when I was there Friday, but I think that is totally cheating! Though I did get some from the boyfriends mom and my friends, I didn’t buy any!

Once that was done I was still in the mood to burn some energy so I went out for a run and some plyo work. Finally I was back to normal so I showered and went to get my nails done. The boyfriend wanted me to just simmer down a little so I obliged and we hung out for the rest of the night just watching TV and getting takeout.

Sunday I didn’t have as much energy so we went out to brunch where I got a fantastic Eggs Benedict. photo 4

I ate every last bite of eggs, but didn’t touch the potatoes. I guess I’m still an Irish girl-friend in training. We then went home and made some drinks and hung out together just relaxing. I felt a tad guilty but then remembered it would be a few weekends before I got to do that again so I just gave in.

It was a great weekend, I came into Monday rested and refreshed.

Do you ever have lazy weekends? I try not to, I just feel so guilty not doing tons. I always feel better on Monday though after relaxing weekends. 




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