Ready To Run

Yesterday I wrote about my fitness goals and what I wanted to do in April. I decided those goals mainly because I knew with summer coming on I was going to do a ton of running. Partly because of the wonderful weather that would be presenting itself but more so because I just signed up for four different races! Ahhhh! I’m really excited for all of them. In order of event here is what I plan on doing:

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I saw that Julie from was running this race and totally geeked out. My blog idol (are those even a real thing?!) is going to be in my city running this. I HAVE TO DO IT. I was so stoked that I got in, I even used her code to get a discount on the race! I think the best part is I’m running the Five & Dime, which is a 5k first then a 10k right after. This is my longest race of the year, but I thought it would be fun as I have never run back to back races. No goals are attached to this (besides seeing Julie at the start) just want to have a blast.

Blacklight Run, Fun Run
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This one is one the boyfriend and I are doing together. I have done a color run before and didn’t really have a great time, it was poorly organized and I had just gotten off a red eye flight. I am excited to do this one though, we are treating it as a date night which will be something totally different from our normal date nights of dinner. I have zero expectations of this so it can only be better than what I am imagining.

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Ahhhhhh, no just kidding, I’m not running the full 15k, I think this was my last 15k at this race. I’m just doing the 5k but I am going to go for time. I think my goal will be at most 27 minutes. Hopefully I can do it in less, that means a lot of speed training coming my way in the months of June!

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The Mudderella! Another mud race?! Nothing compared to the tough mudder though, I finally am over all my injuries from that. This one is only 5 miles (already half the distance) and there will be no mountain climbs (let alone 6 mountain climbs) there will be no electrocution, half pipes I need to run up, fires I need to run through, freezing ponds I need to jump in, trash barrels full of ice I need to swim through…I could keep going. I’m doing this with one of my divas from my old job at Ocean Spray. I can’t wait to have a whole day with her, this girl rocks and is a shopping GODDESS!

Well y’all I think that is enough for now, but if anyone knows of a fun race that is  coming up let me know, I think I have running fever!





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