What’s Making Me Happy

Another edition of what’s making me happy! I have so much to be grateful for this week I could just burst.

First and foremost Erin came back to the states!! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I’ve missed the holy crap outta this lady and I am so glad to be able to see her. Unfortunately for her she is having visa problems so she has to stay a few more days. Fortunate for me!

Let things go and move on quote via www.IamPoopsie.com

I’ve tried to just let go of things more that just aren’t important to me. I was listening to a podcast by Jillian Michael’s and she was talking about fighting or fleeing and it really hit home. Sometimes you have to just walk away from things that aren’t important enough and sometimes you need to stay and fight your fights. It is the wisdom to know the difference between the two that is slowly dawning on me. I use to be called ‘the pitbull’ because once I got on something I just wouldn’t let it go, now I just take a step back and contemplate how important it is to me.

Kaelyn’s shower is this weekend! Ohmygodi’msoexcitedtoseethislady! I am so happy to celebrate her and her wedding day. I’m so happy for her and can’t wait to shower her with love. Her wedding is going to such a great time and I’m excited to get the festivities started.

Skiing and more skiing. I know everyone is so ready for spring but I am loving all this extra time on the slopes. I hope I can at least get a few more days in before the end of the season. Fingers crossed!

3-20-2014 9-49-41 PM

Last my new website! It’s been a long week of getting it set up but I am about 85% done and am loving it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Now tell me what is making you happy.

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