First Time Fix

Happy Friday Eve all! I’m so happy the week is almost over, this week went by quickly but I have zero desire to be at work anymore. To break this week up, yesterday my first Stitch Fix arrived. I feel like I’m the last one to the most awesome party with this thing. Stitch Fix is something I’ve seen on countless blogs for months now, but never thought it was really for me. It wasn’t until I saw a shirt I had to have and asked the blogger where she got it, she said “Stitch Fix” and I was sold. For those of you who don’t know what it is, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that, based off an extensive questionnaire you fill out, will send you goodies to try on in your own home with your own clothes. You like them you keep them, you hate them you send them back in the free envelope they give you. So simple!  For a more detailed description see here.


I was so skeptical about what I would get and didn’t want to waste my first fix, so I asked for only shirts. I knew I didn’t want pants yet because I’m not quite the size I want to be, but my top size almost never changes thanks to the “girls”. I was pretty sure I would be sending everything back but when I opened the box I was psyched, I wanted to keep almost everything! The following are my pics of me in them, kitty wanted to come in for a few of the pics and say hi.

    photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


I ended up keeping one, I’ll let y’all know on Tuesday for a Treat Yourself Tuesday! I’m such a fan of Stitch Fix, if any of you want to try it head on over here and start your first order then let me know what ya got!

Have you ever gotten a Stitch Fix? If so what was your favorite item, if not would you?



4 thoughts on “First Time Fix”

    1. Leslee you HAVE to try it. I hadn’t either and it is so amazing. I was worried it would be the wrong size or totally not my style but they did a fantastic job. If you are a shopaholic like me then it is heaven, my only regret was I didn’t sign up for monthly ones my first fix and now have to wait until May.

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