Some Like It Hot

“Me mind on fire, me soul on fire. Feelin’ hot hot hot.” Besides now wanting to jump on a cruise ship and start sailing around the Caribbean, I want to let you guys in on a little culinary adventure I had this past Monday night. About six months ago the boyfriend was talking about how he loves his spice, and folks the man likes it hot, and how he wanted to try Hell Night. Hell Night in the restaurants own words is:

“I’ve always liked spicy food and, in the early days of the East Coast Grill (circa 1986), we had gained a little reputation for serving some spicy dishes, which was a little unusual outside a Thai or Mexican restaurant. Unsuspectingly, I was baited into a culinary dare by a small, sick sect of the dining public whose taunts of “that really wasn’t that hot” finally got the better of me and my formal training. I could not control the burning desire to silence at least a few. The resulting creation was the now infamous Pasta From Hell, fueled primarily by the original Inner Beauty Hot Sauce.
Customers dropped like sweaty, panting, weak little flies. The kitchen howled at their tormentor’s agony. But when the smoke cleared there were a few left standing, a crazed, goofy, half smile on their faces and a faraway look in their eyes, and, as I looked out from behind the grill, I would get an almost imperceptable, knowing nod. Their fix had been had and, lost in that chile stupor, they acknowledged the contest was a draw. But, like a gunfighter in the Old West, I knew this was only the beginning. They would return, they would bring their friends to face the true test.
Word spread until there was an actual demand for a night when only wicked hot food was served. The brave and the super freaks came in droves to feed their strange and weird addiction.  Hell Night was born.”

Image Source

It is held at East Cost Grill in Cambridge, MA and it is almost impossible to get in. I had to make reservations a month in advance and they still only had a 9:30 slot for 4 of us. Oh well, it is only one night and the boyfriend really wanted to do try it out. There isn’t much that he really wants to do, so I was all for it.

We headed out to meet up with his friends and got there around 9. Crossing the street I could already smell the spices and when we walked into the door everyone working there was wearing black or red, Halloween decorations were hung around the place and heavy death metal was blaring. I started to giggle, it was all too much! Luckily for us they had a table we could sit at so we got seated early. When we got our menus everything had at least four chili peppers beside it to show the heat level, some with what looked like 10 next to it. I knew I liked hot foods, but hot to me meant buffalo chicken wings, not head exploding heat. Not wanting to seem like a baby though, I jumped on the bandwagon of ordering the ribs as an appetizer.

photo 1

I only got a picture after they were consumed because the boys went at them like animals and I was worried mine would get eaten by them! People these things were hot. Like had to keep ice in my mouth for about ten minutes after I ate them hot. I couldn’t stop my nose from running and my whole mouth tingled. It was like every time oxygen hit my lips and mouth they flamed up again. Luckily I was smart and ordered a less spicy dish for dinner!

photo 2Blue crab mac and cheese! Y’all if I see mac and cheese on a menu it is really hard for me not to get it, this was a perfect time to get it though since the cheese really killed a lot of the heat and it just felt like someone had sprinkled some red pepper flakes on top. The flavor was amazing too and I had no problem polishing it off. The boyfriend and his friend got a half chicken that they said was ok, but the ribs were definitely hotter they claimed.

I was way too full for dessert, I also don’t think I could take a hot sweet, my mouth had just cooled down. All in all it was a great experience and I’m really glad we got to do it. The boyfriend wants to go again and see if he can handle the hottest thing on the menu, perhaps I’ll join him as well, just with something less spicy.

Do you like hot foods? Would you do this? 


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