Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Welcome to my new site!! Please be patient as titles and images and all this fun stuff changes! Slowly learning the new world of wordpress so any experts out there PLEASE give tips! Anyhoo onto the post!

Wow what a long weekend! That was totally needed for me to just reboot. I spent the whole weekend skiing and hanging out with the boyfriend and his family. Clean eating was totally out of the mindset though and I paid for that night two! Let’s back up though to Thursday night. We both get home from work and pack up the kitty and car and get on our way. We hadn’t even made if 45 minutes before the boyfriend goes “do you smell that?” I lifted my head up and took a large inhale and smelled something weird then I heard the tell tale signs of a kitty throwing up. Long story short, not only had the poor little guy gotten sick he also had gone the bathroom in his carrier. We pulled over to a gas station and I took him in his carrier into the bathroom and cleaned him and the carrier off. It was a pretty tense ride for the rest of the time, both of us worrying about the kitty and worrying that we would have to pull over again. Luckily we didn’t and we made it up there did some laundry to clean everything off and moved on. 

Friday morning we woke up and were at the mountain before 9 ready to hit the trails. Let me tell you, everyone else may be getting ready for Spring but northern New Hampshire sure isn’t!photo 1

It was a perfect day and we had an amazing time tearing up the trails. 

photo 2

photo 8 photo 3

photo 9

Lunch I had a Sophie by Goose Island, it is a delicious light beer with a slight citrus taste.

photo 4

We then went into town and I bought some new running shoes at Nike and some Gap running tights at the Gap Outlet. You will see those on TYT tomorrow. After the outlets we met up with the boyfriends cousin for a drink where I had a few S’Mores martinis.

photo 5


I’m not a huge drinker and less than a hour later I was feeling it. I tried to eat a dinner to soak it up but it wasn’t helping so I went home and went to bed. Good thing too, because Saturday was another early day. We got up and went over to Wildcat Mountain where the views were fantastic!

photo 7photo 6

It was too packed there though so we went back over to Attitash for the rest of the day. I was having a ball, but the boys weren’t so after 1 we were done.
They started drinking a few beers but with last night freshon my mind I decided it would be best not to do that! I became the DD instead for the rest of the night. No big deal for me, I would rather that then feel awful. Sunday morning, we woke up and I wanted to take a few runs so we went over and the conditions were icy. This isn’t something I mind but the boyfriend wasn’t having it, so after one run he was done and I only took one more to be fair and not make him wait around.

We headed home and hung out for the rest of the afternoon. I sat around and tried to get my new website up and running, painted my nails and watched some TV with the boyfriend. It was a great weekend and I’m so excited for the next ski weekend!


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