What’s Making Me Happy

Thank you for so many responses yesterday on my dress! They are still coming in and I cannot wait to reveal the winner on Kaelyn’s fun night! So in keeping with a light heart theme I think I’ll do another rendition of “what’s making me happy Friday” I did those awhile back and they kind of fell off. Since today is my Friday, and you best believe that is number one thing making me happy, I thought I would do another round of this. 
Second thing that is really making me happy is using baking mixes my baby brother got me for Christmas. Normally I am not a mix girl, I like to do things myself, but I adore King Arthur’s stuff so I was pleasantly surprised when he got me a ton of different mixes. This past Saturday I was up doing laundry and wanted to do something nice for the boyfriend. Breakfast seemed like the obvious answer and I knew he loves things like donuts, french toast and scones. Well what a better way to do something nice yet not invest a ton of time. Seriously people these things couldn’t have been easier! I was able to “make” these in the kitchen aid while unloading the dish washer. He loved them, so this is a huge win in my book! 
The third thing that is making me happy is my clean pantry. Hello dork alert right! It is so easy though for me to see what I have and to now find a space to put things away when I buy them. Before stuff just got shoved in there and I prayed I would remember we had it. Look at these before and after pictures, such a huge difference in less than an hour! 



 Fourth would be this funny sign the boyfriend and I saw last weekend. Seriously?!

Fifth but perhaps even second or third would be the fact that I have gotten back into running with my March challenge. I owe you guys an update on my February results  and what my March goals are I know!

 Sixth would be my buffalo chicken that I can’t seem to get enough of. I have eaten this week three days in a row and when I was doing my meal plan yesterday (yeah I didn’t want to work AT ALL) I realized all I wanted for lunch next week was this. My new thing is pairing it with Quinoa and a dollop of fat free organic greek yogurt. YAAAAHHH UMMM.

 Lastly, boot camp. I’m loving getting my butt kicked once a week and doing things I normally wouldn’t, hello burpees or should I call you satan’s exercises. One of the bright spots about working where I do is I found this Boston Sports Club and this class.

Those are the highlights blog friends! I hope everyone has an amazing Friday and a fabulous weekend, I know I can’t wait to ski my weekend away!

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