Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Where the heck did my weekend go? Friday I was beyond tired, last week at the end of the week it was just slammed at work so when Friday night rolled around I was ready for some sleep. I even skipped the gym! So when I arrived home the last thing I wanted to do was cook, the boyfriend agreed and we went to get our ususals at Chipolte. I passed out quickly after that.

Since I was in bed so early on Friday, Saturday morning I was up around 8 starting laundry, making scones, and doing the dishes.

Kitty being a ham in the dirty clothes

The boyfriend begged me to come back to bed and relax but I knew I would be gone all day Sunday so I couldn’t. Around 11:30 I was getting the itch to go outside, so I threw on my running shoes and headed over to Brighton to get a 7 mile run in.

It was wonderful out, the only thing that pissed me off was people and their shoveling skills.

Really people?! That isn’t shoveled!! I then went home and got ready for the boyfriends mom’s birthday dinner. I didn’t take any pictures but we ate at Abbey Park and it was phenomenal. If you are ever in the South Shore area check this new place out!

Sunday was a tough day. I went to visit my grandma in the new home she is in and from the last time I saw her around Thanksgiving she has gone down hill. The new place isn’t as nice as the old one, but it is much better for her I understand. It was a long day of taking deep breaths and realizing that she is being taken care of and it will all be ok. I had to stop twice on the way home for water and caffeine and when I walked through the door my skin was practically crawling. I squeezed my little kitten and then started to vacuum, I couldn’t stand still. The boyfriend stood there and just watched, waiting to see what he could do. I then asked him if he would go for a walk with me, he obliged and we went for 2 miles.

After we got back I was calmed so he started to teach me how to play cribbage. After a game we ordered food and I housed it, partly starving from an early lunch and partly stress eating. When I finally went to bed my mind was racing and I stayed awake for awhile. I was able to calm down and pass out, only to wake up at 4 wide awake again.

I’m ready for a long weekend I have coming up. The boyfriend and I are going to NH for the weekend to ski and just relax. I. Cannot. Wait.


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