Treat Yourself Tuesday

It’s time for another Treat Yourself Tuesday.

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Like I said last week, Becky does a better job explaining it so head on over to her blog to check it out. (Ummm girlfriend also has much better treats than I do too, I wish I had her closest!) Last week I had about a million treats that I shared, this weeks is a little more tame. I still cannot share my workout pants though since I haven’t been to boot camp which means I can’t wear them yet. Yes that is true willpower! Hopefully this week I’ll go and then I can share next week with y’all.

Saturday was really my big treat day. I went to get waxed and while I was there I picked up some new shampoo and conditioner since I will run out before I go again. I’m really excited to try this stuff!

Image Source

Image Source

I used Moroccan Oil for about three months, because that is how long it took me to get rid of it but I hated it. I have long hair and hate to brush it when I get out of the shower, it hurts! So instead when I’m rinsing out the conditioner I finger brush my hair and it is snarl free, yet the Moroccan Oil conditioner didn’t detangle at all, I think it made it worse. Fail! So finally I was able to finish that stuff and am using some stuff I got in my stocking. Not as high quality as I normally like for my hair, but it is better than Moroccan Oil.

Are you getting I hated my Moroccan Oil yet?

After I finish out this other stuff I’m back to just Bumble and Bumble, can never go wrong with them!


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