Top Ten Blog Moments

 I promised a top ten post yesterday on my favorite posts from the past year. So in no particular order:

  • Two Dews?! Ok y’all I cannot believe I was drinking this stuff less than a year ago! Florescent green full of fake sugars and packed with caffeine. What! The! Heck! Look at me thinking I’m so good pairing it with a banana and apple too. 
  • Looking Back At Routines. Such as this one where the boyfriend and I use to have lazy Sundays and he would make me breakfast. I remember this weekend in particular because it was Mother’s Day weekend and I was meeting his whole family for the first time (I had already met his mom and Step Dad.) 
  • Mexico! Like I said yesterday, this is a great way to look back on my year and that includes a vacation album with the text actually in it! Boy did I love Mexico!! 
  • Recipes and more galore! You know when you are just in a rut eating the same thing over and over again?! I have been there multiple times in my life and it was just my go-to food. It got boring though and it made it so I didn’t want it anymore (read my new hatred of avocados, I OD on them during Advocare and now can’t even look at them) Now I just go to my recipe page and look through to find things the boyfriend and I loved. 
  • Brighton. Man did I get multiple emails on this one with friends telling me I made them cry. In truth I probably still can’t read it without tearing up a little bit, but it is a great look back at my old apartment and something I’ll be able to have for the rest of my life. 
  • Hello. Who doesn’t love looking at their first post and realizing the direction you have gone was not where you intended to when you first started out. I couldn’t be more proud of this blog, but man was it a long shot from where I thought I was going to take it.
  • The first time the boyfriend and I were together. Awww memories… I remember texting him during Easter and then having my stomach flip around waiting for him to text me back. The small thrill when his one or two word texts would come through. I also remember not being able to wait to see him so Easter night we hung out after dinner and watched Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. 
  • Another boyfriend one, but remember the sweet things we use to do for each other before we fell into a routine. Like this time I found that he packed me Cheese – It’s when I wasn’t looking. I think it’s a good lesson that the little things matter so don’t fall into a day to day routine without taking time to appreciate each other. 
  • One of my best friends getting married. From her bachelorette party to the actual wedding day I had such a good time and am so honored that she allowed me to be a part of it. I miss her like crazy though since she moved to Brazil and cannot wait to see her again. Also insanely jealous because Carnival is going on and she and her husband are there right now.
  • You guys!! I can’t share all your blog links because I know some of you have private blogs you don’t want the world to see, but all of you who have read my blog and made comments or have been there on days I didn’t really  feel like posting. You all are the best part of this whole thing!! 

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