Treating Myself This Tuesday

Before I get to my main post I would like to take a moment and recognize two big things that happened a year ago today. The first my grandfather passed away. I can’t believe it’s been a year since that happened and how much has happened in that year. I would like to believe that he had a hand in making the past year as memorable as it was. So until we meet again grandpa, fair winds and following seas.

The second is today is the one year anniversary of Ashley Unfiltered. WOW! I have blogged for a full year now sharing most of my life with you guys. This would be my 214th post and through this blog I have made a countless number of new friends, found a place to dump all my thoughts, learned that it is better to live in the moment, and created one of the greatest gifts to myself, a picture journal to look back on. I’ll do a top ten posts tomorrow, but now it’s time for one of my favorite posts brought to you by Becky over at Olivesnwine.com…TREAT YOURSELF TUESDAY!!
Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge
Becky does a great job of explaining why it is important to treat yourself so I’ll skip that and get right into the treats! My first set comes to you straight from Target. I have forgotten my love with Target since I moved in with the boyfriend and started to use another delivery website for home goods. I went in the other week when it was snowing out for a few key things we needed like dish soap and kitty litter and came out with so many things to go back for. I have forgotten how nice it is to actually smell the products you are buying or see new things that have come in. So for my first set of treats you can find them all at target! 
Source Here

That my friends is a reusable Keurig filter I found there. I was so bummed because they had this huge display of ground coffee in all these fun flavors and then only a handful of those flavors in K-Cups. I have a regular coffee maker at home but at work where I drink most of my coffee it is only K-Cups. When I found this I was so stoked!

Archer Farms® Light Roast Ground Coffee 12 oz
Image Source

What better to put in my new reusable K-Cup than that delicious coffee above?! Oh my goodness is this stuff heavenly. I mix it with a little bit of So Good Coconut milk and it is like I’m having a cheat food for breakfast. I can’t wait to go back and try all the other flavors they have.

Lastly a new running tank! I know that is backwards but the text says “Run Like You’re Being Chased” and I have to give credit to Lauren at heylaurenrene.com for finding these. You guys if you want to get great crafting ideas head on over to her blog. She is good!! Too bad my attention span for crafting is all of ten seconds. Also new are those workout tights, I got those at TJ Maxx last week and wore this outfit to boot camp (hence the super sweaty hair look). I also got another pair of workout tights but am only allowing myself to wear them at boot camp, so I have to go. 

That shirt was also purchased at TJ Maxx. I was just walking by it on my way to the fitting room and it screamed my name. It was so soft and I am really loving stripes right now. Sorry mama I forgot to close my dresser drawers before the picture was taken 😦

Love Some Run LS
Image Source
 This wonderfully colored and soft top from Lululemon with a gift card that I got in an exchange with my Advocare buddies! You will never guess who my buddy was….BECKY!  I wore this bowling on Sunday and it is so soft and the perfect color. I think next time I’ll layer it with a black tank but it is such an awesome shirt. 
Marc Jacobs Fragrance - Daisy Rollerball
Image Source
So I would think on this last treat that I actually MADE money because I got our parking validated and it took $20 off our parking. This rollerball was only $20 plus I was able to use points so I got more off of it. Wahoo!! I still don’t know if I love this scent or not yet. It is very light and goes away quickly, I think it does that is, I’ll have to ask the boyfriend tonight if he can smell it. 
Ok I think that is it. I have one more lulu shirt and one more workout tights to show you but they have to wait until I’m allowed to wear them (lulu for being good until at least Thursday with food and tights at bootcamp) 
Phew I’m tired, how about y’all? 

3 thoughts on “Treating Myself This Tuesday”

  1. Love the workout tank! And oh Target is the best. I'm trying to decide if I want to buy their Threshold towels – I love the design but then again, I might want longer-lasting ones.

  2. OMG… soo many treats! First of all, Target makes my soul complete. Can we all agree on that?! 😉 Love the tank there but I can't find any here in Chicago. I need to do some searching. And I'm LOVING your lulu purchase 🙂 Great find, Ashley!

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