Weekend Recap

Valentine’s Day Wrap-Up

Thank god it is Friday! My lord, it has really been one of those weeks. So I showed you about the snowshoeing last post, but I didn’t share the other great things from last weekend, and what better time to do that then going into this weekend! Valentine’s Day was last weekend, and I have never been a huge fan of the holiday. I find it very phony and the only part I like it getting my card from my mama cause she gets the best ones. (This years was pink and sparkly!) The boyfriend on the other hand had other ideas on how we were going to spend Valentine’s Day, so we made a dinner reservation and planned on doing the whole shebang. When I got home I was greeted to these though and I couldn’t get over just how beautiful they were. 

 It came with a Teddy Bear, but someone else thought that they deserved it, so I let him have it.

He did fantastic and even today a full week later they are still as beautiful which amazes me. I also got flowers from my hair dresser and the restaurant we went to. I guess if you go to nice places around Valentine’s Day they just hand out red roses. I’m not a huge fan of red roses, way too traditional for me but it was a really nice thing to get. You know who does like red roses though… 
Later that weekend we went skiing at Cannon Mountain. Boy was it FREEZING but we had so much fun and skied from around 8:30 until 2. The views like always were amazing. 
I also found on my camera two more pictures from a previous weekend skiing at Attitash, so I attached those as well. The flag one is just magical to me. 
We came home Monday afternoon and on the way back stopped at a liquor store because I felt like I couldn’t end the Valentine’s Day weekend without a bit of bubbly (I had already ate my weight in chocolate) 

So I would say it was a success, though I still think it is a phony holiday, it is nice to be able to be with someone you love and do things you love to do. 


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