Have  I mentioned how much I love NH weekends? I love going up there with the boyfriend and hanging out with him and his family and I love how away from the city it is so I don’t have to deal with awful traffic and over crowding. So to make Valentines Day weekend perfect we went up there on Saturday morning. We got up there a little after 11 and the boyfriend decided that he didn’t want to ski since we would be skiing the next day, so instead we headed out to snowshoe for the first time.

 You know that you are in a more remote area when there are no stop signs or road names! Needless to say I was pretty pumped.

We started off down an already snowshoed path to get the hang of walking around in them and enjoyed the scenery.

As we started to get more comfortable though we started to make our own paths through the woods, most of the time me following the boyfriend, but sometimes I got to be the leader.

Our path brought us down to the river

By trees that woodpeckers have made their food.

 Near some small streams

 Back towards the larger river again

And saw where some beavers were starting to take down the trees.

It was the perfect dose of nature and exercise, I highly recommend this activity for all of those out there who get the opportunity. I know I’ll be going again.


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