February Fitness Goal

For one of my New Years resolution this year I decided that I was going to set monthly fitness goals. 

It was a lofty idea but one that would keep things fresh, and I could always change after 31 days if it didn’t work. January was a tad of a stretch since I made my fitness goal to be part of the Advocare 24 day challenge and really commit to it. It wasn’t so much a workout routine or a workout goal but it was a great way to get my body prepared for exercise and see that when I fuel it with proper nutrition it performs much better. 
Anyway let’s get off January that is in the books, February I was a little up in the air about what I wanted to do for a goal and then work gave us all free Fitbits as part of their wellness program and my goal became very clear. I have decided to get at least 10,000 steps a day for 80% of the month.
 That means that I only get 5 days, 6 if we are rounding but I’m shooting for 5. I have already used one day when I was coming home from the Super Bowl but other than that I have gotten them all in. That means in the next 15 days I have 4 days where I can not go 10,00 steps and still hit the goal. Totally doable! 
I have been running a lot lately too, on the treadmill 
6 Days in a row I was able to get this! 
Because this is what I have been waking up to constantly. 
The muscles in my legs are starting to come back, which is fantastic, now just how to get rid of that awful cellulite. 
What are some of your fitness goals? 

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