Treat Yourself Tuesday

Good morning and a wonderful Treat Yourself Tuesday. Like I have done in the past I’m linking up with Becky at Olivesnwine.com for a wonderful treat yourself Tuesday. Mine this week should have actually been posted last week, but I was still working on getting a hang of taking the pictures off my camera and onto my computer.

Two weeks ago I was in a little bit of a makeup rut. Well I didn’t really know I was but I had been doing the same thing over and over again and I just didn’t feel like it was anything special anymore. Luckily I got a gift certificate to Sephora for Christmas so I hopped on over there at lunch time and tried to figure out my new look. I came prepared with these three pictures I had found on Pintrest:

Asking her to show me what I could do with the stuff I already had, plus a few new additions. She was phenomenal, when I told her I had the Naked Pallet already, she did all my eye makeup with those colors so I didn’t have to purchase anything new. We then tried out a few new mascaras as well as pointers on how I can make it so my lashes don’t clump at all. Lastly it was finished up with a new lip color and some blush to give me a little glow. I walked back into my office less than an hour later and got tons of compliments from my coworkers, I would highly recommend Sephora as they took the time to listen to what I wanted and didn’t try to upsell me on anything. So what did I get?

My first little shoot with my camera! In there you have some makeup wipes for when I want to prewash my face before I actually wash it so it gets squeaky clean, most people just use it as their face wash, but I’m a little OCD about washing my face, and like to have two washes sometimes when I think there is still makeup on.


Sephora blush in Apricot Sheen. I love this because it looks like I just came in from being outside in the sun quickly and not fake or pinky like most others I have tried. The lady helping me nailed this one in the first try.


Better than Sex mascara by Too Face. I can’t say if I like this stuff better than Tarte or not, it seems to be about the same at this point. Nothing has really wowed me so I think I’ll try a drug store one next to see if this is a place where I can save a little money.


The new gloss I have is fantastic, it makes it so it just gives a hint of color and shimmer to my lips. I’ve tried colors in the past and I just end up looking silly. Blonde hair and blue eyes makes it so most colors look very unnatural sadly, so I’m glad this can give me a little bump but not make me look like a doll. It is by Naked, the same line I use for my eyes and is in the color Freestyle.

Also in there you can see a new eye brow brush and the birthday samples they gave me, which I just ended up giving to WHO because all the colors were too dark. It was a fantastic treat and one that I have been enjoying almost every day!

One last thing, I would like to show you what I have to deal with when trying to photograph anything…

Isn’t he a treat! Lucky he is cute.


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