Book Review

Gone Girl

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Gone Girl 
By Gillian Flynn

Holy crap! What a book. What a crazy, twist and turns, you never know what is going to happen book! I read this book while I was in Mexico and could not put it  down. In Gillian Flynn’s biography it states that she wanted to be a police reported but had no aptitude for it. Perhaps because the actual crimes that were happening weren’t as nuts as the ones she makes up herself. In Gone Girl I think I said “holy $#it” at least four times.

The book starts off with one of the main characters, Nick waking up on his fifth wedding anniversary and going downstairs to see his loving wife cooking him breakfast like she does every anniversary. He then goes to work at his bar that he runs with his twin sister only to get a call from his neighbor a few hours later saying something doesn’t look right at the house. 
Nick goes back to the house to see the door open and his wife’s cat outside on the step. When he goes in the living room is in disarray and his wife is missing. The book then unfolds with two perspectives Nick’s which is in present time and his wife’s, Amy, diary which is past tense starting from when they met. There are tons of plot twists and turns and up until the last page you are wondering what actual happen. 
Nick is hiding something throughout the book, so is it the murder of his wife? People you need to read this book! Like yesterday. 

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