What’s That Smell?

I am a candle junkie, I love going into a home and having the warm smell of candles envelop you and the soft glow they give off just makes everything nice and cozy. As I type this the snow is coming down in buckets and there are at least 4 candles going in my apartment right now. All smell wonderful but there is something that smells even better, when you bake or cook.

Do you ever notice that when you bake something or cook something your whole house seems to smell like that? My friend is a Realtor and they said that when they are showing houses they will take and “bake a cup that is filled with vanilla extract in the oven for about 30 minutes prior to showing the house, he said it makes a real difference in the perception of place. Cool right, but you can’t go all day just baking 30 minute cups of vanilla for an hour or so of smells. Enter my new favorite way of getting the house to smell amazing in no time flat, simmer pots.

Growing up my friends mom always did these and I never paid much attention to it, I just noticed that when I went into her house it always smelled amazing. She use to take two cinnamon sticks and a few apple slices and slowly simmer them on the stove, the placed smelled amazing. I’ll share with you my current favorite one that uses leftover food as the simmer pot, yeah you heard me, leftover food.

Vanilla Orange Simmer Pot
You will need:
  • Orange Peels
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Water
  • Sauce Pot
Take your sauce pot and fill it with some of the leftover orange peels, then fill with water until it covers all the orange peels. Shake a splashes of vanilla on top, I never measure but if you need to measure something out it is probably around a tablespoon I put in, then bring to a boil. Once this is nice and hot bring it down to barley a simmer and just let it go. Check in ever so often to take sure there is still water in the pot, if it is getting low just add some more and let it keep going. Please remember to always be around when these are going and never leave home with one still on. If you are one who forgets to blow out candles you might forget this, in that case please stick to some potpourri or something so there is no fire hazard. 
That’s it! It is so easy and simple but it fills your house with this wonderful soft citrus smell. It is also all natural so if you are worried about all the chemicals in candles this is a perfect solution for you! 
What are some of your favorite smells?
I’m a huge sucker for a mint and eucalyptus smell, I think it is so calm and relaxing. 


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