Weekend Recaps

Super Bowl Sunday

Well if you follow me on twitter or Instagram you already know, but if you don’t then Sunday I was fortunate enough to go to the Super Bowl. It started Tuesday while I was in Maine and got a work email saying there might be extra tickets so let them know if I was interested. I certainly was! I found out Thursday night that I got them and was in shock, I still can’t believe that I was there. The trip started off with an early wake up call on Sunday morning where I drank breakfast on the way to NJ.

There was zero traffic and the next thing I knew I was crossing the G.W. to NJ 

Don’t worry I wasn’t driving! The hotel was about 10 minutes away after we crossed the bridge and it had a phenomenal view. 

Since it was going to be a long day I knew I needed to have a large lunch as my main meal. Luckily there was a restaurant doing brunch with Mac and Cheese, sushi, bagels, and mozzarella. All my favorites and I had a full plate. Then it was back to the room to get ready.

 I didn’t even think when I was packing that I had Broncos colors, I was thinking I was matching (obviously!), and quickly ditched the scarf because no Patriots fan wants Peyton to win. At 1:30 we were off to the train station to get to the stadium since it was suppose to take forever. Our cab driver didn’t speak English that well and didn’t know where Seacaucus was (how the heck are you a cab driver in NJ?!) but when we were trying to explain it was the train station to get to the Super Bowl he goes “oh Super Bowl ok” and with that we managed to find the only cab driver who would go near the stadium. Even the cops there couldn’t believe it and had him drop us off on the side walk and turn around. 

With that we were there 4 hours before kickoff. Yep 4 hours! It was more than enough time to look around and take pictures. 

Hmmmm head seems a little small. 

These ice sculptures were melting while they were making them since it was 49 degrees out! 

Some love for Snoopy at his stadium. 

Checking out our seats only 11 rows back! The time passed quickly and it was then time for the pregame festivities to start! The first was just the teams coming out and warming up. 

Then the ‘Cuse marching band came out to perform. 

And the huge flag came out after and the national anthem was sung. 

I was expecting some sort of fly by after but was not expecting so many and so close! They were barley skimming the stadium. I managed to snag a picture of the tail end of two. 

Finally four hours after arriving it was time for kickoff. 

My camera stayed in the pocket for the game because I was way too busy cheering, screaming and dancing in my area to take pictures. Then an announcement came on during the commercial time out that in the goodie bag on our seats there were hats that were being used to be part of the halftime show. So I immediately pulled mine out and put it on. 

Oh my fun! I then wondered of this was a precaution to not have the power go out again. Either way it was so cool because there was a computer chip in them and it was being controlled so they were lighting up Pepsi logos and going in tune with the music. Like when the Red Hot Chili Peppers came out they were all red 

The second half of the game flew by and a lot of Bronco fans were leaving which was fine because hawk fans moved closer and soon we had a huge cheering section. The seconds wore down, the crowd started to roar and the confetti went off! 

It was truly an unbelievable experience and I’m so grateful I got to be there. I didn’t realize how much I was walking until I got back to the room and looked at the fitbit 

Wow! It was almost a 10 mile day! 
I’m still trying to take it all in. I watched it on TV and still can’t believe I was there. It was such an amazing day and I’m so thankful my company gave me the opportunity to enjoy it! 


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