The Best Birthday

Who had a birthday on Monday? I HAD A BIRTHDAY ON MONDAY!!! It actually started on Sunday night when the boyfriend came home with my request, two cannolis, one for Sunday night and one for Monday night.

He went to Mike’s Pastry which you can remember from here and got me two, the first was the peanut butter one I asked for and the second was a chocolate mousse. I ate the chocolate one first!

The next morning I woke up to this on the coffee table

Yep I got him coming out of the shower in his towel in this picture

He wanted me to open it right away, but I was more excited that I had a big pink present sitting there. I didn’t open it though because I like to extend my birthday as long as possible. I got ready for work and then headed to Starbucks to get a coffee (decafe) for my birthday.

Wouldn’t you know it, Starbucks is celebrating my day too! Wahooo!! I ordered a venti caramel flan and it was beyond amazing

At work I got a zillion happy birthday emails, texts and stop bys which was just making my day awesome. Even Google changed my banner for my birthday!

Then for lunch my coworkers and I all headed over to Whole Foods where I had possibly the biggest salad of my life. It started with a huge bed of spinach but then went unhealthy as I got two chicken nuggets and my favorite smoked mozzarella pasta salad on top.

I couldn’t breath after I ate this thing I was so full, yet I seemed to find some room when we all had birthday cake in the kitchen around 3:30. It’s the first time ever I have had cake at work on the actual day of my birthday. After work I headed home to start to make some mac and cheese for the big birthday dinner. I have ate that on my birthday for about half my life now and it is still my go-to birthday dinner most years. While that was cooking I started to open my cards and gift, my moms card just made me smile, boy does she know her baby girl!

Then a few seconds later my boyfriends gift made me scream and scare poor little Tucker.

A CAMERA!! I couldn’t believe it I was in shock! He got me a camera! I still can’t believe it I was so taken back by the gift. It was absolutely perfect and something I would have never bought for myself, yet he saw how many pictures I take with my iphone so he got me one. Get ready for some stellar blog pictures going forward now that I have this thing! (just have to figure out how to use it!!)

We then dug into what I’m going to call “He Asked for Seconds Mac and Cheese”. It was so good and so cheesy and he asked for second which NEVER happens. I will give you the recipe later on next week, I just haven’t typed it up yet. The night ended with him shutting off all the lights and putting candles in my cannoli and singing to me.

I made a wish and blew them out, but I don’t know how I could wish for anything more at this point, what a perfect birthday!


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