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Mandatory Release

I left my phone at home today, which means I cannot upload all my birthday pictures and recap a fabulous day, but I do have a zillion book reviews waiting to be posted so I’ll let you guys have one of those instead. Hopefully tomorrow I can key y’all in on my awesome day!

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Mandatory Release
Jess Riley

Throughout this book I thought I didn’t really like it. I was only reading it because nothing better had come up on my reading list. There were no cliffhangers at the end of chapters to keep me reading late into the night and there were no plot turns that made me want to read more. I plodded on though and about 80% into the book it got really freaking good. Totally unusual and not what I was expecting at all, but soon the last 20% had flown by! The book is told from two different perspectives, Graham and Drew both trying to find their way and both employed in a prison. 

Graham is wheelchair bound from a car accident he had with his ex wife (then wife at the time) and we meet him while he is exploring online dating yet not telling the said girls that he is wheelchair bound. He is searching for love, yet still bitter in so many areas he doesn’t let himself really open up. It made me think though, while I was online dating would I have entertained a date with someone handicapped? I would like to say yes I just wanted to meet the right person but if I’m being 100% honest I think I wouldn’t. I think online dating and meeting is hard enough without me having to wonder what is OK to say to someone, do you ask if they need help or does that make then feel less masculine? A thousand other questions would pop up, so I think I would just try to avoid the whole situation. 

Then there is Drew who has moved back home after something went terribly wrong with her last relationship. They don’t tell you what it is until almost the end which annoyed me until I found out what it was. Drew is trying to put herself back together and needs her parents help, partially for financial reasons but more for emotional support. I know I would not go home if I needed that. I’ve always felt like living at home after you graduate is such a failure personally. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it if that is the persons choice but for me it would kill me. I might hide out with some friends for awhile though or look to move to a new area of the country. 

Drew and Graham knew each other  in high school and the story unfolds around the two of them, not necessarily together the whole time but it intertwines. It is a nice read an I’m really glad I stuck it out because I loved the ending.  One odd fact though, none of these characters had cell phones, that were mentioned at least. In this age who doesn’t own a cell phone?! 

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