Best Birthday Gift

Good morning and happy beautiful, perfect, most wonderful Monday? What you don’t like Monday’s?! Oh me either UNLESS IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Then I am all about Mondays. I love my birthday and have been dancing since I woke up this morning, singing “it’s my birthday ya da da da dahhhhh” then repeat. The boyfriend has also gotten into the spirit and started to sing as well. I have only opened my birthday card from work, no other cards or presents yet, I’m a huge fan of savoring the day which drives some people bat crap crazy. Oh well it’s my day  I can do it how I want to. Normally for my birthday I get myself a birthday outfit, it has been my tradition for years now, but I’m breaking it this birthday and letting Advocare continue it’s fantastic work so I can be back in the 130s and be happy with what size I am. I’m not going to try to get to the very low weight I was after I finished weight watchers because I didn’t have any balance in my life and balance is what I’m all about.
I think starting this whole adventure I was going to do it for 24 days then be done, go back to my old way of eating hopefully just counting calories and having a jumpstart that Advocare gave me. Yet while I was in the midst of my adventure I noticed a change in my body, not only the size and shape but how I was feeling. I was mentally aware, I had tons of extra energy and I wasn’t even taking caffeine, and I was loving the food I was having. You heard that right, I have given up caffeine, I did have some this weekend skiing but overall I am having decafe coffee now! That is huge for me, and something I’ve tried to do many times but the awful headaches that came with it were just too much.
There were points where I got down on myself for having sushi or eating real pasta or having sugar on my strawberries but then I was listening to a Jillian Michaels podcast and she talked about how you can go hard on something but then have no life and that isn’t enjoyable, or you can live a little and let a little go. So I did have a few things that weren’t on my eating plan that doesn’t mean I failed, it just means I was living and letting go a little. I find there is a difference between letting go a little and just letting go completely which is how I gained my weight. The best part was I learned how to eat going forward that I don’t consider a diet, only now I’m adding a little cheese back into my life and some red wine here and here. I’m about to share my 24 day results in numbers and pictures below, but hopefully in another 24 days I can come back with some new ones showing more progress.
So I told you what I gained now let’s share what I lost.
Inches – 9.5 lost! This is a combination of waist, hips bust, arm and leg. So on five points of the body that’s how much.
Pounds – 8
Here are pictures to prove the results, my favorite one is the back view, I was so ashamed of the picture the boyfriend took before and am so proud of myself on the results. Left is before Right is after. 

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