Happy Friday

I think it is time for another installment of “Things that are making me happy Friday” It’s also fun to play along at home, just think over your week of things that have made you smile, relaxed you or just put you at ease and appreciate them! Take a few minutes out of your day to look at the good that has been happening to you.

In no particular order:

Running double what I planned on running at the gym. I showed up to the gym Wednesday night with the mindset that I was going to do a quick 2 mile warm up and then go do a circuit but I got all wrapped up in my music and ended up busting out a 4 mile workout. I haven’t done distance since November so this felt tough but amazing, I attribute most of it to all the healthy choices I’ve been making.

I had a great hair day yesterday. That’s it, just looked in the mirror and loved the way my hair was falling.

this was NOT the great hair day!

It has been FREEZING up here in the Northeast and due to that fact my kitten has been uber snuggly lately. Yesterday I came home and sat down and within a minute he was curled up in my lap.

Egg and starch bowls. I have made these with regular potatoes for breakfast, couscous or quinoa for lunch or a sweet potato for dinner. They taste so great and are pretty much a compete food with every vitamin and mineral your body needs.

A winter walk with my mama. I went home last weekend and while I was there we took her cray cray dog out for a walk. It was so perfect and such a great time outside with her, I loved how black and white it all seemed too. Man do they have some snow!

So that is what is making me happy, well and the fact that it is my birthday on Monday! Wahoo!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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