Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Week 3

How is it week three already?! I can’t believe that January is almost done (but heck yeah for my birthday coming up!) and I cannot believe I only have four more days of this challenge. Like I said, I’ve fallen in love with Advocare so I’m going to keep on going with the products, but it will be less strict than what I have been doing. I’ll go into things I’ve learned below but let’s recap the meals!

Thursday night I had lettuce tacos. Oh my goodness were these great, I really didn’t miss the taco shell that much since the lettuce almost wrapped up like a burrito. I did miss the glorious cheese that the boyfriend was eating next to me and a little greek yogurt on top but I think it’s a big win to know I like tacos sans the shell just as much.

Friday was a mixed day for me, it started off with a very healthy snack

Then it was the holiday party where we were all around our office bar drinking. I stayed with water but there were a ton of weird looks, I also couldn’t eat half the food that they got for us from this delicious restaurant but the win came when everyone was canceling their gym time because they ate and drank too much and I went over and powered through the stairmaster and a circuit workout. For dinner I didn’t manage to snap a picture but I got sushi with dumplings and wonton soup from this organic place near us. It killed the sushi craving but the low sodium wonton soup and food was just not as delicious as I remember. What I am so excited for is sushi from Fin by where I use to live. I scheduled a dentist appointment for next week just so I could get it.

Saturday was then spent with the boyfriends family so I ate some spaghetti and meatballs, the sauce was clean but the pasta was just regular old pasta and my oh my was it glorious. It was a cheat for sure but my lord was it worth it. Sunday was the football game here in New England so I went with the boyfriend over to his friends house where I brought some clean jambalaya because they were doing pulled pork sandwiches. I did have a few tortilla chips as well but stayed away from the buffalo chicken dip and the other delicious looking snacks.

Monday night I had some buffalo chicken on a bed of shredded lettuce with leftover salsa and rice. I put way too much buffalo sauce on this and couldn’t breathe half the time I was eating it. Still tasty though, almost like a fake chipotle bowl.

Tuesday night I had eggs and a sweet potato with some ground beef mixed in. I was only going to eat half of the sweet potato but it was so delicious I ate the whole thing.

Last night I had mussels with some clean marinara. I probably only had a salad plate full of the actual meat in the mussels but the act of opening them and eating them took so long I got full. That’s a huge win!

Results wise I have lost a full 8 pounds in 20 days, I have no clue about my inches because I haven’t measured yet, that will come on Sunday but I know it has to be a lot since everything fits. The so what of all this is the following, I have learned that clean eating isn’t gross eating it is simply eating things that are less processed. Clean eating does NOT mean low fat eating so I still need to watch my portions, a pound of rice with some beef smothered in Olive Oil doesn’t mean it will make me lose weight. I have learned that planning ahead is the key to success, I am going away to NH this weekend to ski and I know that the food options are less than ideal, so I am planning my own lunches and breakfasts, I can figure out dinner but knowing that I have plenty of snacks and meals to keep me on track really helps.

I’m semi excited to show the before and after pictures next week, but realize it is just a small 24 days into my journey.


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