Treat Yourself Tuesday

Aww yeah it’s Tuesday (but really my Monday) and it’s another installment of “Treat Yourself Tuesday”. Becky, originally turned me on to TYT and I try to participate when I remember. So, I went on a little product spree last week since I was running out of everything, except lotion, I have enough lotion to last until 2015 I think from Christmas presents.

It started actually last Saturday when I went to get waxed, I needed new face soap but when I saw that everything was 25% I bought the whole line. 
If your skin is anything like mine then it is a pain in the royal a$$. The slightest thing makes me breakout in a rash or get zits. Once I got turned onto Image Vital C it has been night and day. My face is silky smooth never oily and in the last 4 months I may have had one zit. It smells amazing and is such an indulgence, yet cost the same as the Kiehl’s I was using. 
Since it was a sale I also picked up an extra bottle of shine. 

I use this on my hair almost every day and a little goes a long way. This will probably last me a year.

Then since it was a Yankee swap at work I swung by Bath and Bodyworks to pick up a gift and ended up coming home with my favorite wash

With the bedroom candle to go along with it

And then a few other candles as well since they were 3/$5

The stress relief line is my favorite, it makes my bedroom smell like a spa and the body wash cools me down in the shower and really wakes me up.

Oh and those pink nails were also a treat! They are I’m not a damsel and the sparkle one is debutante ball. Pink is my favorite and since my birthday is coming up soon I decided that I wanted to rock the pink then. Next week my treat might be a birthday outfit, though I might save up and get Stitch Fix, we shall see! 
How have you treated yourself lately? 

Do you do Stitch Fix? 


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