Advocare Week 2 Update

Warning, wordy post but I promise there are pictures halfway down!
Well friends it is week two of me being on advocare and so far I am down almost 8 pounds. I know about 4 of those pounds were what Becky at olivesnwine.com likes to call “cookie weight” because I was at my highest I had been since pre Weight Watchers circa 2006. I think the greatest things I am noticing are my clothes are actually fitting now, which means my style is changing. Let me explain: when I am overweight I don’t really get dressed for style I get dressed for comfort and for hiding the fat (ew fat is such a gross word, let’s call it extra from now on). So now that when I try on a pair of jeans and they just go on I feel good about myself and am pairing it with cardigans and waist cinching belts with fun accessories…you get the point. Beyond jumpstarting my healthy eating I think that is the biggest gift that it could have given me.
Other quick notes from this week have been me being horrible at not getting on the scale. You are suppose to weigh yourself once at the start and then at day 24, I managed to go the whole week without stepping on the scale though, maybe I can make it the remaining 10 days. The other thing was I have a candy dish on my desk that is filled with all different kinds of treats and as I was filling it up the smell of the over processed sugars and chocolate made me feel sick to my stomach. What a win! I smelled some good chocolate the other day though and that was not gross to me at all, so the sweet tooth is still there, perhaps I just like cleaner foods in general though?!
Thursday I got on a train and headed to NYC for the day for work. It wasn’t exciting as all I saw of the city was Penn Station, cabs, and the inside of a hotel conference room. I was nervous about eating though since I couldn’t pack food and carry it with me the whole day. Breakfast was easy, I had bread and PB and could throw that in my bag, but the rest of the day was in the hands of what I could find. Luckily it wasn’t that hard since there was salads at lunch and I had a late snack and just waited until I got home for dinner where I scarfed some leftover buffalo chicken and then two hard boiled eggs.
Then Saturday was a football night, I was suppose to go out to a bar with my girlfriend for her birthday. I started off the day fine but then felt really sick as the day went on, I think I got what the boyfriend had gotten the whole week but it just passed through me in a day since I’ve been on so many vitamins. The boyfriend and I stayed in, and there was a ton of junk he was eating for the football game including pizza and I was so good! I didn’t eat a slice, I had some pita and then some vegetables with hummus and some homemade guacamole. I got some chicken and rice when he ordered pizza and put some hot sauce on it, I woke up Sunday not hung over like him and feeling fantastic! Not sick anymore and with tons of energy so it was off for a run.  
I might have had tons of energy because I started the MRS shakes in the morning and all the supplements. It really has given me a ton of extra energy, I’ve noticed it in running and at the gym. The only thing that isn’t working is my sleeping, I normally try to get around 8 hours and I just don’t want to stay asleep that long right now. If I workout more I think this problem will take care of itself.
Sunday night I made some stuffed squash which was phenomenal and made for an even tastier lunch the next day.
I was pretty excited too when I decided I was going to roast the seeds and came up with a really great snack, too bad the boyfriend stole them all.
Monday I made some pan seared mahi mahi and paired it with leftover kale sautéed, steamed carrots and faro salad.
Tuesday the boyfriend was away so it was more leftovers which was the other half of the mahi mahi and some cauliflower mash and more carrots.
It also meant I could play Just Dance 3 as my workout!!

I learned Wednesday morning that MRS cannot be heated up like hot chocolate. So gross! 

Lastly, Wednesday night which was brown rice pasta with beef and eggs. After a killer workout my body just wanted the protein. 
I owe some recipes for farro salad, stuffed squash and for the roasted squash seeds, I’ll post those this week but this post is getting a tad long.
I’ve loved where this journey has taken me so much that I have decided I’m going to be a distributor of Advocare with a little, but not much, persuasion from Becky. I know I will continue with the supplements when this is over and will probably get some more meal replacement shakes for days when I’m on the run and can’t get a clean meal in. I will continue to eat clean but I’ll probably switch to an 85/15 rule, where 85% of the time I’m doing clean eating but I’ll have girls night out again WITH CHEESE and I’ll have a drink now and then. I might update you in a week again or I might update you on day 24 which is in 10 days, haven’t decided yet so stay tuned.
Happy Thursday all!

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