Mexico Day 4

Last day of Mexico! I am glad I was able to make all the blog posts before a month went by, but coming back and getting right into the Christmas season almost made it impossible. The last day was sort of like day two only better planned. We knew that we needed to get to the beach and reserve our spots before breakfast so we took our towels and our bag and put them on chairs under a cabana. We weren’t the only ones with this idea as we had to walk a little ways to get one of the remaining spots, I guess waking up at 9 is considered late on vacation?! We then made our way to breakfast and back to the room to change and get reservations at the hibachi grill that night.


After it was around 11 so it was perfect timing to start to indulge in some frozen concoctions!! I think my sugar level was through the roof since I had three of these things on the beach and then one at the pool later. I couldn’t have asked for a  better day though as the view was amazing from our beach chairs


And we got pretty great seats at the pool too. Finally I had been in the sun long enough and had enough cocktails so the boyfriend took me back to the room and we got some room service. I ordered fries and a vegetable quesadilla and he got some wings. This was probably the best lunch we had (minus the Mayan lunch off the resort). With full bellies I decided as my last day of vacation I was going to take a nap, the boyfriend agreed and promptly fell asleep, I didn’t and ended up staying awake and finishing my book.


We then made our way out for one last night of cocktails before dinner, I couldn’t drink another frozen drink and didn’t want to start drinking wine before dinner, as I heard the food was fantastic here and wanted to actually remember it. So I just had a water, I then realized I had been drinking a water named Cristal all vacation, and made the joke that I was a straight up baller downing Cristal like it was water.


Hibachi didn’t disappoint and the boyfriend and I ate everything they put in front of us. Ok that is a lie, I wouldn’t eat the green peppers and onions, but I wouldn’t eat those normally no matter how they were cooked, I despise green peppers when they aren’t masked by something and an onion is an ingredient in my book, not a standalone thing I eat. After dinner we walked around and took in the last sights of the resort at night, both silent and a little melancholy that our vacation was coming to a close.


The next morning we said goodbye to our villa and went to the airport.


We had a direct flight and it was no time before we were landing in Boston, back home and back to the cold. The one thing I was so excited about was to see my baby kitten, if it weren’t for him I think I would have been pretty depressed heading home.


This vacation was amazing, beyond amazing and I have loved reliving it as I told the story here on AshleyUnfiltered. We have many adventures in store for us but this one will always hold a special place in my heart since it was the first time we went somewhere alone for an extended time.


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