Mexico Day 3- Part 2

So we left off at the restrooms on my Mexican adventure, about to go into the main area to see Chichén Itzá. All along the paths to get to the different ruins were Mayans trying to sell their crafts.

There were beautiful plates and really intricate wood carvings that I really liked, I just didn’t want to ship a dozen plates back to the US nor did I have any room for a huge wood carving in my apartment. I told the boyfriend that I really wanted to have a room where we could bring back treasures from all our adventures, for now I have a magnet to remind me of our awesome time. Anyway I digress, we walked around the corner and there it was in all its glory.

Our group walked around to all the sides to see the different angels, though they are completely symmetrical some areas are restored while others aren’t.
The sun peeking over the side of the temple took my breath away. It is truly a remarkable structure and one I would highly recommend seeing if you are ever in the area. One of the coolest features was on one side you could stand and clap and the echo your clap made off the side of the temple made a Quetzal sound, which is a bird that they considered one of the most sacred animals.
I was absolutely floored with the size of the temple as well as the physics that were required to create such a thing, to think how advanced the civilization was all those thousands of years ago to create such a thing is just mind boggling. After about 30 minutes of looking at the temple we then went about 500 yards to a Mayan ball field, where this cute little doggy was taking a nap in the shade.
That was one thing that shocked me, was the amount of stray pets that roamed around outside of the resort. Inside the ball field it was huge, about the same grass size as a football field but without the stadium around it. Instead people would stand in clusters to watch the games with the seating above saved for the royal families, the priests and then on the end the big high priest.
There are two hoops that are around the arena yet no one actually knows how the game was played. The ball was at least 15lbs of solid rubber and you couldn’t use your hands, feet or head to hit the ball so the likelihood that they actually were trying to put the ball through the hoops is slim. The guide said that Americans are so set on things going in goals and hoops that the actuality of the game has been distorted.
One thing was for sure, the loosing team was sacrificed and lost their heads. The wall on the other side of the ball field was carved out with the heads which was where the actual stakes were at one point.
Next to the wall of heads was a platform with a serpent and a jaguar on it, this was where the warriors were celebrated often times just having added to the wall of heads.
We then got a few minutes of free time, which is when the boyfriend and I went out of the park and went to the chocolate shop to buy some lotion that smells like a mixture of baking cookies and maple syrup for myself and some of the hot sauce he had eaten at lunch. After, everyone was loaded on the bus and we went to one of the towns that the Spanish had settled. There was a huge church there but the guide said something about there being a lot of lepers inside that were begging for money, so I didn’t feel the need to go in.
Instead the boyfriend and I walked around the park and took in all the street vendors and then went into shops looking for Christmas ornaments for his family. We didn’t manage to find any but he did find a luchador  mask for his step-father.
The sun was setting while we were heading back to the bus and it made for one of my favorite pictures I captured in Mexico. The star behind the church reminds me of a scene from a nativity almost.
Once we got back to the hotel it was almost 8:30 and I was beyond tired. We quickly showered and went out for dinner and drinks, we went to the French restaurant which wasn’t my favorite at all, but much better than night one. Since I had been awake for over 16 hours at that point I asked the boyfriend if I could hit the hay. I had a long day ahead of me on the beach the follow day.

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