Mexico Day 2

Good morning and happy day two of Mexico folks! Man on man did I sleep like a baby in Mexico, I think it was the combination of being outdoors all day, drinking more than one cocktail a day and the huge king bed where it felt like I was sleeping all alone. Don’t get me wrong I love my boyfriend and hate going nights without him, but boy oh boy do I love king beds! Anyhooo our day started out with a walk to get breakfast and before we had even gone 100 yards we encountered a dozen iguanas sunning themselves on the walkway. They are tiny in the picture because they bolt back into the forest when we walked by so I had to snap them at a distance.

We then saw these things that looked like a mixture between a lemur and a raccoon crossing our path and I was in love. I kept joking that I was going to take one home and he could be Tuckers brother. I didn’t get a picture of them though because every time I brought my phone they were gone and then when I didn’t have it they were everywhere. After breakfast we went back to the room and got into our suits for our first day on the beach. Like I said the other day, get there early or else you don’t get chairs, we didn’t know that day one so we were out in the sun with no shade in semi broken chairs for most of the day. I didn’t mind though as I was laying in the sun, perhaps one of my favorite things to do!
HORRIBLE picture but oh well, I loved the beach!
Before lunch we had enough of the beach (the boyfriend didn’t like that I wouldn’t go into the ocean with him to swim) and headed to the pool. Please keep in mind that this picture is only part of the pool, the thing was ENORMOUS!
I went under a cabana and continued to read my kindle with these flowers all around me
Truly paradise! I then decided I was going to take some selfies while the boyfriend was playing in the pool, this was after a few cocktails and I was cracking myself and him up.
Proper Selfie
Weird face chicks make
How you took to normal people

On our way home from the pool we saw this huge guy just hanging out. He did not run when we went by him but just bobbed his head, I think after you get that big you aren’t scared of stupid people walking by you.
We changed into some nice clothes and went out for dinner. Since we made the mistake the first night of not going to the nicer places we went to put our name on the waiting list for the Italian restaurant which was by far my favorite meal. It was an hour wait though so we went to the piano bar lounge for a drink and then headed on back over. I had to go the bathroom quickly so I swung into one of the public ones where I saw this little guy on the sink!
The whole side wall of all the public bathrooms is open to the jungle so sometimes there were animals in the bathrooms. I didn’t care though as I thought it was so cool! Then we had a few more minutes before dinner so we sat down and I again admired the view of the walkways and all the decorations.
Once inside we ordered and I got the truffle risotto, caesar salad, and lasagna. I only managed to get a picture of my salad as I inhaled the risotto and lasagna but how cool is this salad?!
That cup is fried parmesan which the boyfriend devoured. I only had a few pieces because it was way too salty for me. After dinner we went and had a few more drinks and then went to bed since we had to get up early the next morning for our adventure. I cannot wait to tell you about our adventure as it was probably one of the coolest things I have been to!
Ah this brings me back and I wish I was there now instead of sitting around the office while it is under 10 degrees outside! Oh well we will have plenty of other fun trips we go on! Happy Wednesday all!

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