Treat Yourself Tuesday

No day two of Mexico yet, today is a treat yourself Tuesday and I feel like I have really been treating myself lately and wanted to share! The first treat which I have mentioned a few times here is the 24 day Advocare challenge I’m doing.
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It isn’t cheap to do but I feel like I will really thank myself when the 24 days are over. I miss red wine like crazy and the other day I was having unclean thoughts about grill cheese sandwiches but other than that it hasn’t been that bad (oh wait yes the fiber drink is the WORST) luckily I only have three more days and that will be done for good.
To mix up all my drinks I bought a new shaker bottle. I’ve seen these things but never really needed one until now. Ummm yeah I totally bought the pink one!
Image Souce
New boots!! Yes mom I actually bought winter boots that were warm, not just rubber lobster boots that were cute. I guess I’m growing up. These Sorel boots are so warm and cozy, I absolutely love them, though it took an act of god to actually get them as all the stores were sold out and Sorel online only had size 11 and 12. I eventually just google image searched and clicked on the pictures to see if they were an online retailer. Dick’s Sporting Goods was the winner with a size 7!
A new Alex and Ani bracelet, I’m slightly addicted and this is my 8th one, but they make me so happy. It’s the anchor charm and it stands for stability and strength, which I finally feel like I have in my life for the first time in a long time. I know who I am, I know what I want and I’m happy with where my life is.

Lastly one of my favorite treats, snuggles with my kitten and my boyfriends Aunts dog. Both are adorable and they got to meet this vacation and loved each other (for the most part)
I hope everyone is treating themselves after spending all holiday season treating others!

2 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday”

  1. Unclean thoughts about grilled cheese – BAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! Most of my thoughts revolve around dessert after lunch, my weak point!! I'm so happy to be done with those darn fiber drinks as of Friday… can't wait! Thanks for linking UP 🙂

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