Mexico Day 1

What do you mean it has been almost a month since I went to Mexico and haven’t updated you guys yet?! Ooops. Well today I start the multiday post that will detail the adventure the boyfriend and I had. I have to say it was one of the best vacations I’ve been on and I think after a crazy end of the year the boyfriend and I really needed it as a couple.
So I left off here on the plane getting ready to get down to Mexico. Well the flight was uneventful and I continued reading my book on the kindle while the boyfriend looked at the Sky Mall magazine and made comments of all the junk he was going to fill our apartment with trying to get a rise out of me. The full size yeti was the one where I said absolutely not. We landed and flew through customs and before we knew it we were getting accosted in the lobby of the airport by a million taxi and tour companies. Trying to explain as polite as possible, in broken Spanish, that we had a car waiting we got out of the grasp of everyone and made it to our driver who took us 45 minutes to our resort.
I was a little bummed that it was raining but I knew we were in for a treat when I was greeted with these beautiful landscapes pulling up.
The doors to the SUV opened and we were at our home, Valentine Imperial, for the next 5 days. We were whisked by the Bell Hop into the lobby to check in where I saw the best Christmas tree this year.
The thing was massive and perfectly decorated, the presents were so large they came up to my chest. Check-in was quick and enjoyable as we got champagne while we were signing the paperwork. Not to slow the vacation down we were then taken to a waiting area while they got a cart to bring us to our building. The area is set up like a large hacienda so there is a little bit of a walk from the main buildings to all the rooms but this just makes it so the place doesn’t seem crowded and there is virtually no noise while you are sleeping. While we waited for the cart we were shown to the bar which was stocked with a ton of different drink options, I was surprised since this was an all inclusive I expected it to be a lot of cheap liquor but there was some top shelf stuff to choose from. While I was sipping my Miami Vice we loaded onto the cart and were taken on a quick tour of the compound and then to our rooms.
The rooms were so clean and so open, perhaps a little too open as this is the bed
And this is the bathroom, with only a sheer curtain and a clear door to separate me and the boyfriend while using the toilet.
The back patio looked out into a jungle and it was cool seeing the different animals that would be out there each morning.
Since it was still raining we took a much needed nap and then got up and headed out to dinner where I was absolutely enchanted with the Christmas decorations along all the walkways. 

Dinner wasn’t anything great on the first night as we were rather new to what the food was like so we went to one of the lesser class areas and had a decent but nothing to write home about meal. After we stopped into a piano lounge and I had another glass of the fantastic champagne I had while checking in.
We then decided we were going to go to the cigar bar where I got a brandy and the boyfriend got a drink and a Cuban cigar. I only lasted about 30 minutes until I had to leave though as all the smoke wasn’t cleared correctly and I had to get some air. I don’t know what it is but hookah and cigars make me want to poo my pants. Weird I know!
Getting air involved walking around the compound and then going to the beach to see the surf and look at the stars. It was truly out of a movie and a perfect first night of our vacation.

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