Weekend Recap

One more day of work until 2014!! I’m not even sad the weekend is over. I did have a good weekend though so let me tell you about it. Friday I did a huge workout inspired by my 20/20/20 one but modified for a bozo who forgot their sports bra. Incline walking, skaters and the stair master. After the workout I went into TJMaxx and did a bit of Christmas shopping then headed home. The boyfriend and I kept it low key and got pizza and watched Wolverine. We started a new tradition of comic book movies during the holidays since all the Christmas ones haven’t held our interest. The next morning he was up early so I was as well which gave me a chance to make a balanced breakfast before hitting the gym

Eggs, kale and brown rice with tangerine slices which was delicious! I then went and did a yoga class and a spin class. After heading back home for a quick shower it was back out to pick up our packet numbers for the jingle bell race on Sunday and lunch. It started to snow after lunch and the race got moved back to the day after we get back from Mexico, a great way to run off those vacation pounds! Since Sunday was suppose to be gross outside I quickly got my nails done for Mexico
I’m loving the bright color! Before the roads got awful we headed out to his moms Christmas party. It was a great time and my favorite part was the snow covered decorations
So pretty and festive!! I’m thinking we might have a white Christmas! 
Sunday was a day of cleaning, laundry and finishing all my Christmas cards. It was pretty low key! 
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 


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