Hello Friends!

Wow long time and no talk! Mexico was fantastic, yet went by way too quickly. I’ll update by day soon but let me recap what’s happen since then. We got home to a very happy kitty. He was so excited that he didn’t sulk at all, he was also psyched that the fire was back on!

We then went the next day a ran a jingle bell race. I’ll recap that later too, after which we went and finished our Christmas shopping. Note to self, do all shopping before you go on vacation. Last minute stuff is the WORST! 
The next day I went to visit my best friends kids. They were so damn cute, even if they were a little sick so in cranky moods. Once the oldest went to bed I spent time with the baby. She was so smiley! 
It was great to see them! I wish it wasn’t an hour away to visit though so I could see them more. Once I got home baking Christmas cookies commenced. I found these on Julie’s blog, pbfingers.com, and both were a huge hit. 
Recipe Here
The boyfriend even helped me make these little guys faces. The best part was they were chocolate and peanut butter. 
Recipe Here
Christmas Eve we packed up and went to his families house where they have two Bernese Mountain dogs. I got then bones and they were in doggy heaven for an hour demolishing them! 
It was a great night and his family is always so warm and welcoming. After a late night it was early to rise and head out to my families. I kissed the boy and got on the road around 6 in the morning. I got to my moms around 9 and popped some caramel apple sticky buns in the oven to wake my brothers up. It did the trick because soon they were walking down the stairs! 
Recipe Here
They were pretty great tasting too if I do say so myself. I also made another tray and left them at the boyfriends house for breakfast. The rest of the day flew by with gift openings and chatting with my mama. I also looked for all my ordainments on the tree, the tink one being my favorite.  
A quick stop over to my dads an hour away to do gifts and dinner and I was on the road home. It was a long day with around 6 hours of driving but I am glad I made the journey! So is my little man as he stole my new bruins ball the second I got home! 

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful festive and those that don’t had a great day off!


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