Highs of 2013

Happy Friday Friends!!! I’m very excited it is Friday as it is almost time for me to go on vacation! Just one more work day after this. Diving right in it’s a quick edition of what is making me happy this Friday and then on to the highs of 2013. The first thing that is making me happy is all of my Christmas decorations up. The house looks so festive and I’m absolutely in love with my tree. Another thing that made me happy this week is the two night special on Bonnie and Clyde. Though it was a tad sad and at some points a little slow I really enjoyed it because it was informative and didn’t leave the question of “what should we watch” out there. The last thing I’m loving is challenging myself at the gym. Getting into all different activities at the gym makes it easier to go when it is cold out and keeps me motivated the whole time. The latest workout I did was below, I started off with a 10 minute warm-up on the stairmaster and then got right into it. 

Now, onto my highs for 2013! I tried to make my lows as positive as possible because I really did have a great year, and below are the key highlights for me on why this year was totally kick butt. I’m excited for 2014 and all the happiness it can bring me. So in chronological order like yesterday the highs of 2013.
Ashley Unfiltered:
Oh my gosh, I started and maintained a blog! It is coming up on a year soon and I cannot believe I have stuck to it, and loved doing it in the process. It was so great to look back on the year I had in both pictures and words and am so thankful that I have this snapshot of my life to look back on as long as I want.
Starting Girls Nights:
I’m not going to go broken record on you guys and go on about how important my girlfriends are to me like I have before but a large  part of my highs this year is all the girl time I spend with my ladies. I’m losing one as she is moving to Brazil with her husband for two years and it is breaking my heart, but I know when she comes home we can just pick up where we left off! These nights or days or even weekend with my ladies have made me a more rounded person and allowed me to finally have connections with females other than my three friends from high school. I love all you ladies and you really made my year amazing.
The Boyfriend:
I guess since I mentioned my ladies I have to mention the man. JUST KIDDING! Wow what a ride and what a high this has been. As many of my friends have stated, this was a long time coming and I deserved this after the long history of crapola boyfriends. He is amazing, he makes me feel like a million bucks and he is just what I have been looking for. I could go on, but I know I hate reading about how other chicks love their men… so I’ll stop here.
Ski Trips:
The past year I have taken trips to VT, ME and NH some of them overnights and some of them just day trips but last year was one of the best ski years in a long time. The only ski trip year that rivals last year was the year my buddy and I went out to Colorado, that was truly amazing and something I would love to do again.
Big Apple:
This year for Mothers’ Day I went with my mama and Bridgie to the Big Apple circus and it was a really special day. Our seats were fantastic and I loved every second of it, from the smell under the big top to the acts that came out and performed. It was something that my grandfather use to take me to and in honor of him this year I thought I would take my mama. She said she could feel him all around us there as we were under the big top and the show didn’t disappoint. It was a perfect way to honor her on Mothers’ Day and I hope we can do it again.
Oh my gosh my little guy Chris who I have babysat for since 2002 graduated high school this year. I was so proud of him and so happy that I was able to watch him grow up from an elementary school kid to the awesome guy he is today. Then all of them started to pour in, apparently all the kids I use to watch (and saw go to kindergarten etc. etc.) are all going to college now. I would like to know where the #$%^ the time went!
I was blessed to spend Thursday through Monday in Montreal with my ladies doing things only ladies would love. Lunching, walking, shopping and going out for cocktails. I cannot believe we all turned 30 (well Loo wasn’t 30 yet but she is now!) this year and could not have had a better time with them. Life sure is changing for all of us but it is good to know that when we all get together it is like we are the same girls we were back in high school. If you are confused by the picture don’t be, that was the best sushi I’ve ever had and definitely a highlight of the trip for me. 
NH Weekends:
Even though I have only started going up to NH recently it feels like I’ve been up there forever. That is how much this place feels like where I grew up and how inviting the boyfriend’s family is to me. I love this place, from the 2.5 mile run loop I have to the drinks on the porch in the warm weather and the drinks by the fire in the cold weather. I cannot get enough of it and constantly look forward to the next weekend we can spend there. I’m BEYOND excited that the boyfriend agreed to do New Years Eve up there as I couldn’t think of a better place to ring in 2014.
So not only did I get a long weekend away in Montreal I also got a weekend away in Newport to celebrate Erin getting married. This weekend was so awesome and I had an absolute blast. It was good food and great memories. I think I would like something along these lines when I get married, low key with my girlfriends. I’m excited for when my other bestie Kaelyn gets married as she has already promised a day in PA that would be similar to this relaxing and fun weekend.
The boyfriend and I did a trip to Cliff Island this year and then an overnight in ME in September and I loved both. They were each special to me as I had time to just soak in the salty sea air and give him 100% of my attention. I look forward to many more of these trips as they make me feel like a new person when we get away and my heart belongs in Maine a lot of the time.
Wow… what a wonderful year. I’m truly blessed and hope all my readers out there had a great 2014 as well. One more high coming up as the boyfriend and I get ready to leave for Mexico on the 17th. Thank you to everyone who is on this list, as well as my readers all over the place, you made my year one to never forget.

What are some of the highlights for you this year?

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