The Lows of 2013

I’m going to start out with the lows of the year and tomorrow I’ll have a post on all my highs this year. Please note these are in chronological order and not order of importance, the same will be for the highs. The fact that they made the list means they were important enough to impact me in 2013. I also don’t want to be all down in this post, nothing like a depressing Thursday post to really launch you into the weekend, instead I’ll keep it upbeat and positive.
Losing my grandpa:
I know lots of people who lost loved ones this year and it stinks. Sometimes life just comes up and bites you in the butt and throws you for a loop. Losing my grandpa was very hard, it was the first person in my immediate family that I had lost and it stunk to be perfectly honest. I am forever grateful that my mom and my uncle got to say goodbye to him less than 24 hours before he passed away, in a way I think he was waiting for that and the permission that it was ok for him to go. He was old and he had lived a full life, loving his family with a passion that is commendable and hopefully I can pass that along. He was a quiet man who only spoke when he had something to say, and not just to hear his own voice, so when he spoke you listened. He listened better than anyone I have ever known, even when you didn’t think he was listening and even at the end when he started to go, he was still listening and still taking it all in. I was given the gift of education from him and it is a debt I’ll only be able to repay by paying it forward. I love him very much and speak to him often, I know he is still listening.
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 Boston Marathon Bombings:
Wow… I was in shock the day it actually happened. Someone actually attacked the city where I live? Someone made me feel unsafe in a place I had called home for over 11 years now? It was surreal, I couldn’t believe that it happened and it happened so close to where I was. I have never been grateful for having to work while my friends are off, but that day I was as I would have been down there and god only knows what could have happened. Then it got worse, I was going home early morning from my boyfriend’s house and couldn’t understand why cops were everywhere. Me being overtired and rushed to get home and dressed for work just assumed it was a meeting of some sort (ummm hello a cop car meeting…not so much dumdum) I couldn’t believe that when I got home and turned on the news it was a complete lock down, no one go anywhere they had a lead and were chasing the suspects. HOLY $#!% and I just drove through that. Safe in my house I watched with the nation as it unfolded on my TV screen, texting my loved ones to let them know I was ok. News of a police officer who had been shot surfaced and I felt for the family but nothing more, until I learned I actually knew the kid. The rest of the day was a blur of helicopters over my house, and me not leaving my couch. The boyfriend left work early and I packed up the kitty and left my apt for the weekend. The city came back though, and I learned that I live in one of the strongest cities. People came together, organizations reached out to help those effected and the city started to heal. I would have never thought with all the devastation that I would want to go back downtown, but that subsided as well and the city is stronger than ever. It was a great reminder that no matter the bad that goes on, there is always good trying to overcome it.
Leaving my apartment of 6 years:
This is a low that is tied in with a high. The high is I moved in with my love and have never felt so happy, so full and so loved in my life. I know I am his world and he makes me feel like it every day. The low is I left an area I loved, I had a sushi place, I had plenty of areas to run, I had neighbors who cared about me and would stop to chat, and I lived on public transportation. I miss my little home sometimes, it was a great place and it saw me through some serious developmental years, I know soon the boyfriend and I will be renting in an area I love again and my longing for this apt will subside. I couldn’t be happier that every night I come home and he is there, yet a part of me misses my space on 1940 Commonwealth Ave.
So a full year and I can only come up with three lows, one that is a full positive low too. Not too shabby! When going through the highs there are tons so I would say this was a fantastic year and I cannot wait to see what 2014 holds for me. Hopefully the next year will have an equal amount of lows as I think this year was a pretty darn good one.

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