Oh man, it is almost time for the New Year’s resolution to be bestowed upon us. So I’m going to take a look at what I set out to accomplish this year and what my goals will be next year. My goals this year were:
Get healthy
Volunteer four times
More Girl Time
Run the Boilermaker in under 1 hour 30 minutes
Become a Pescatarian
Here is what actually happened:
Get healthy – I would say I am scoring a solid A+ in this category. I have given up fake sugars, I experiment in the types of vegetables and fruits I eat, all produce and dairy have been organic whenever possible and the meat I now eat is mostly high quality stuff from local sources. I see the changes in my skin, the way my stomach digests stuff and the energy level I have. I slip up now and then but overall I think I did very well on this. In the new year I would like to find an organic vitamin to supplement my diet, but I’m on the right path and happy with my accomplishments.
Volunteer four times – this started off half selfish and half lofty. I always feel great after I volunteer and have an awesome time meeting new people, but the main reason I was getting out was to shake up where I met people and perhaps find someone I was interested in dating. I volunteered in February and then had something planned for Easter weekend, but after my mom asked if I would come home and dye eggs I stopped. I also started to date the boyfriend so the incentive that I might meet someone was thrown out the window.
More Girl Time – holy heck did I blow this one out of the water, not only do I do dinners with my loves a few times a month I have seen WHO a lot more and talked to my other lady friends more. I wish I saw my old Ocean Spray ladies but they all have families and live about an hour away. That is still an excuse and I should make it more of a priority to spend time with them.
Run the boilermaker in under 1 hour and 30 min – ha ha ha ha. Well since I was my heaviest and I didn’t really train…at all… this didn’t happen. It was a great race  though and perhaps the last time I run the big thing. I’m still about 50/50. I was 100% no last time I thought about it, but with my great time running the 6.5 mile race, what’s another 2 something on top of that right… we shall see where I live when it comes time to train though.
Become a Pescatarian – again another nope, this was something I started out to piggyback on the get healthy theme, but as it wore on I was more focused on not eating meat for the sake of not eating meat and not to stay healthy, which I thought was the wrong reason to do something, you can see more about my decision here. I eat meat now but I hardly eat red meat anymore, and I go sparingly on the others. Most of it is local sourced as well with no hormones and no animal cruelty so I feel a little better about eating it.
All in all I would say I had a pretty successful year, I stuck to some goals that were important to me and the ones that weren’t I let them go without added guilt. So onto bigger and better things next year.
·         The first thing I think I’m going to do is set monthly fitness goals. That way I can work towards something, yet not get hung up on the full year thing.  
·         Start some sort of garden, even if it is a window box, I want fresh produce or herbs.
·         Write or see my grandma once a month, no excuses!
·         Celebrate more. Do you realize that I moved in with a boyfriend and all these huge milestones this year and haven’t really sat back and celebrated how far I’ve come in a year?!
I think these are good goals to go with. Look for the wrap up of 2013 in the next few days including highs and lows!

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