Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap

Well this weekend was productive on Saturday and shot on Sunday. Lets start at the beginning though. Friday night I took the boyfriend out to Blue Dragon a Ming Tsai restaurant. It was all on me because I lost the Walking Dead death pool we did last Sunday. The food there was either really good or just blah. The apps and the dessert were phenomenal, the entree was kind of gross.

We then came home and played Just Dance 3 for an hour. Both of us were covered in sweat and had a great night and passed out ready to go get our tree the next morning. Bright and early he and I headed out to a farm by his mom, and his grandparents came along as well. I love this picture I got if him and his mom walking to the lot 
The trip to the lot was wasted as there wasn’t anything good, but we each found one in the pre-cut lot and before we knew it they had loaded it on top of the car. 
 After going to his grandparents house to help them out up the tree we headed home and he got our tree up in no time! 
He also bought me pine to put around the console and the beams in our house. I’m so happy the house is a pine bomb. After a quick nap on the couch, it was then time to get ready to go out to my ugly sweater party. It started out at a Tapas restaurant were he got a drink that had a full chili in it. Whimp didn’t eat it though
Allie then came by and we all got dinner. It was just ok, nothing I would go back to but not horrible. After dinner it was a quick but cold walk over to the bar my team always go to for softball and it was PACKED! I guess Sam Adams had a ton of people there for a promotion and they did it based off my party! It totally made up for half of our team not showing up. 
I then proceeded to have too much to drink. Which made for a very lazy Sunday! I haven’t done that in a very long time! The only thing that I accomplished yesterday was decorating the tree. 
Kitty approves very much! 
I had a good weekend, but next weekend I’ll be a little more productive! 
I’m hoping everyone else had a good weekend as well!! 


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