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Awww yeah it’s Friday!! Why is it that the week after a holiday break is always the longest week to work?! I feel like this week just won’t quit, but alas I have made it and it is almost time for the weekend. It is also time for another edition of what is making me happy this week.
The first thing is food related, it comes from…are you ready for this…WHOLE FOODS!! Yeah I know, shocker! It is pre-marinated fish. I have used it three times now, twice for dinners when I was in a rush and just needed something to throw in the oven and once when I didn’t have any protein for my salad so I quickly cooked up a filet while I was making dinner and threw it in the salad the next day. They are so good and always fresh.
Second would be my grandmothers Pez machine collection. Every year it just seems to grow and grow and this year when I went for Thanksgiving I saw that she had some she hadn’t even opened yet. I always love trying to figure out which one actually holds the candy and then taking it into the living room and eating it. One year I accidentally hit one and the whole thing went down like Dominos.
In spirit of keeping with a food theme another thing that is making me really happy is the pizza the boyfriend made last night. This was by FAR my favorite one, the crust was so crisp and delicious and the sausage on top was heaven. He made it all too without one comment from me. 

The only think I asked was that he leave the pan he cooked the sausage in alone so I could sauté some kale in there for a side. I’m really coming around to baby kale and have been trying to incorporate it into my meals.
workout from
Last thing is power workouts that I have been doing this week. I have done something completely different at the gym every day and it really makes the time fly by and makes me excited to get to the gym. Last night was a workout I got from Pbfingers again and it was a quick way to work up a sweat. I swapped out one of the squats with a box jump though as I have really been loving those lately. I was in and out of the gym in no time with this, a quick mile run on the treadmill to get the muscles warmed up and then over to the bar area to get this in. I performed all with a 20lb bar but think I can up it a little next time and go 30lbs.
I have a great weekend planned with a date night tonight and then a promise to play Just Dance when we get home. Then we are going to get our tree tomorrow as well as doing the second annual Ugly Sweater Party with my softball team. Lots of festive things to bring me into the last week I’m working in 2013!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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