As promised awhile back, the Bolognese recipe that we had for a nice Sunday dinner. 

A few weeks back at one of our girls nights for Ms Mia’s birthday she got this fantastic Bolognese that I have wanted to recreate. It was so deep in flavor and I absolutely loved the bite I had, to the point I wanted to trade my mushroom risotto (unheard of) for her dish. A Sunday where I didn’t have to rush home from work to make dinner was a perfect time to experiment with this dish to see if I could recreate the flavors that I experienced.  I started off with a recipe from Ina Garten which you can find here and made a few adjustments myself. On the recipe it says it makes 4 servings, but those are large servings! I would say you could probably get 5 if not 6 out of it. The result was a great dish but it still needs some tweaking, below is what I added to it and what I think it needs.


  • Small red onion diced up. Sadly I used the magic bullet so it got a little too diced. 
  • A handful of baby carrots.
  • Some Italian seasoning because I didn’t have enough oregano
  • Dried Basil instead of fresh (only 2 TB though since it was dried) 

What it needs:

  • I think it needs a little mix between beef and pork to vary the meat flavors. Some recipes online have called for veal as well but I cannot bring myself to eat that. 
  • Fresh basil, my fault for thinking I could get by without it, also oregano and not Italian seasoning
  • Yellow onion, as I think they sweat out better than red
  • A mix between Parmesan and mozzarella cheese. 
Overall both the boyfriend and I were happy with the meal, I added more cheese after this picture as I love all pasta cheesy to the max! Leftover sauce also freezes well and makes for an easy week night dinner. 


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