Oh my lord am I tired! It isn’t even because I haven’t been going to bed at a good time, last night I was watching TV with the boyfriend and fell sound asleep on him around 9:30. I think it has to do with all the new things I’m trying at the gym, now that my training is over and I don’t feel like I need to build up endurance I’ve spent the last two days doing workouts that make me want to go to the gym. The first one was a workout I found in Self Magazine while I was waiting for my wax appointment on Saturday. It looked like a fun way to get 42 minutes in and not get bored.

Image from here

I didn’t get bored that is for sure! I did have to take two of the sprints off though and just jog or brisk walk as I thought I was going to pass out. Also did not do walking lunges as my gym seems to be packed these days and I was too embarrassed to try these out for the first time so I just kept it a 5 mph jog. Where it says 1 for the incline most of the time I put it at 0, I’m sure after going steep I could have done the 1 but I wanted to be able to complete this and the inclines were killing me! I’m going to work up to being able to fully complete this (walking lunges and all) but it will just take a little time. Either way when I was done with my modified version I was drenched in sweat! 
The second workout came from, I figure if I can look half as awesome as Julie does on there then I’ll be set.

 I saw this workout and at first thought it would be a quick no big deal type of workout. Boy was I wrong though, did you know after 10 burpees my legs start to shake?! I didn’t. I managed to get through it though by doing as many as I could and then going to another exercise and then coming back to the hard ones. The best part was the quick ½ mile run, that flew by! Tonight I’m going to do a spin session I found in Self Magazine with the running workout, hopefully that will work me out as well as the running one did!

No extra holiday weight on this girl! 

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