Turkey Troy

There is truly no cold like Upstate New York cold, the wind just blows through any amount of layers you have on and I swear that is sometimes snows in July. I say this and yet if you look at my Boilermaker recap I’m sure I go into detail about how hot it was then! Regardless, waking up and going out for a 6 mile run when it looks like this in the driveway is hard to do!
I was determined to do it though, and off I went. Over an hour later I was at the race, normally it takes around 35 minutes to get there but since the roads weren’t plowed yet I was going extra slow. I got there and got everything together and headed off to the start line, to see no one there. Dread went through me that it was canceled and no one had told me, but was quickly erased when the police officer let everyone know that the race would be starting about a half a mile back. That’s funny I thought, perhaps there is a new course. While waiting for it to start I saw people all festive for the occasion and it made me smile, I wanted something like that too!!
Then these huge snowflakes that looked like cotton balls started falling, about 5 minutes later the gun went off and we were all on our way. The first mile my legs were simply moving to get warm, I couldn’t even feel them and it felt almost like I was running in a dream. When my GPS announced that I had already gone a mile I couldn’t believe it! I powered through the next few miles and then we took a turn down a road that is seasonal and isn’t plowed, all years before this wasn’t a big deal as there was no snow, this year it was an icy snowy mess that was really hard to run through. Coming out of that stretch I was tired and my legs hurt like I had been running in the sand. A little after mile 5 I went to put on my power song to get me through the rest of the mile and my phone died from being too cold. Ahhh!!! So this is all I have as an official time.
It was longer than a 10k though because although I was struggling to keep up my pace on the last mile I know I didn’t run a 15 minute mile for my last one, worst case I ran an 11 minute one but seeing how my average pace was 9.27 I don’t think that was the case either. Plus it was the same course as previous years yet a half a mile back.  It kind of bummed me out that this was so disorganized and that I didn’t really get an official time, but I had to keep it in the back of my head that I know I ran one of my best races and that it is suppose to be for fun at the end of the day. I will obviously keep doing this race, perhaps next year I’ll be in shorts like I was the year before!

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