Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

The past week sort of just melted into the weekend. It started off Friday with me waking up and having an egg and peanut butter like on Wednesday and then going down to the family room to do some online shopping before heading out for a run. I was taking full advantage of the great area to run in despite the cold and the snow, look how much snow was there!
Since I ran my race on Thursday (recap to come soon) I just took it easy and did a slow pace four miles while listening to some NPR. While I was running I heard a ton of honking though and looked into the sky to see hundreds of Geese flying south for the winter.
After that I got cleaned up and dressed and then it was pretty much time for the wedding. It was a Catholic ceremony but it didn’t seem to drag on too long, yet when it was all said and done it was almost two hours. So my sister and I got in the car and headed back home since we had a 5 hour dive and didn’t want to get in around 2 in the morning. Saturday  I went to get my hair done and then went to Kashmira for some waxing, I also got some new products, surprise surprise, that I’ll review in a day or two once I see if I like them or not. Then I headed home and the boyfriend brought up the Christmas stuff and we started to decorate. It didn’t take long between the two of us, to get everything up, I’ll have more next weekend when we go get our tree though! Watching Bad Santa was also a must, boy do I love how festive it is.
Later on we went to see Catching Fire as a date, I liked the movie but I think I liked the first one more. I can’t wait to for the third one though as I remember holding my breath through half the book with all the action going on!
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Sunday was a lazy day, we went to Christmas Tree shop to buy our tree stand and then over to Home Depot when we couldn’t find one we liked. I bought some Christmas balls and a real wreath and made this with one of my hurricane vases. I love how festive it is but love more the smell of the real pine!
Next up is trying to find a tree topper, getting our tree and then some holly to do around the lights. I hope everyone had a festive weekend!

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