Day before Thanksgiving

My family eats. There is no way around it, if you are going to a Nickerson event there is going to be food and a lot of it. I walked in Tuesday and was asked if I wanted food within the first 5 minutes. So while everyone was eating breakfast this morning I did some emails to stay away from the endless bacon, toast etc. Then after I made myself my own breakfast. Which was an egg on a piece of multigrain with one tsp of peanut butter and a pear on the side. Tons if protein with some fruit to balance.

After breakfast everyone piled into the car and headed out to set up for a rehersal dinner. My cousin is having a last minute wedding and it is a lot of DIY going on. I left soon after to go and pick up my packet for the race and buy some new compression socks. Then I stopped in to Wegmans to get a card for the wedding and some lunch. 
The sushi had calorie counts on the side and were a perfect lunch to eat while I was driving back. Just a quick pop in the mouth and I was fed. I also found this water 
It is just like Hint only it has organic fruits in it. So many great flavors too! I can’t wait for Wegmans to come to Boston. 
Later on after all the rehersal dinner stuff was done my sister and I went back to finally eat dinner. Luckily there were tons of ravioli left so we got full bowls. 
After that I passed out both tired from going all day and getting ready for my race the next day. 
Still tons of good choices going on!! 

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