Making a Plan

That’s what I’m doing this holiday season! Making a plan to not stress about all the food at all the events. Making a plan to eat healthy and balanced meals yet leave some room to have a dessert or two so I don’t feel deprived. Making a plan to exercise yet not use that as an excuse to eat more and knowing that none of the food is a one time only thing. If I want a GD Christmas cookie in July I can have them, don’t use the notion that it is just once a year and then overeat. So that being said Tuesday morning of thanksgiving week started out with some coffee and my new yogurt obsession

It is just the right amount of sweet and is UBER creamy. Do yourself a favor and get your hands on some! 

After breakfast and a little bit of a wait, my sister showed up and we were off to NY. We were about 3 hours into the trip when my gas light went on, I was convinced that there was a stop ahead so paid no mind. Fastforward to 45 min later when the next rest area sign showed that it was only 17 miles away, look down at the gauge and see I have 15 miles left “%*+$” luckily my car coasted in and we were not stranded on the side of the road. 
As to making healthy choices I was going to get a veggie sandwich at Quiznos but then saw the calorie count of everything (guess those things really do work) so I opted for an apple and a small bag of all natural chips for lunch instead. We then made it to NY before all the heavy snow stated to come down and hung out with my dad, great aunt and grandparents for a little while before dinner and then dessert. Dessert was a pie I bought from a lady’s kid at work 
I think we have found the first pie I actually like! That being said I had 1/2 a piece to keep with my good choices but not depriving myself. 
Let’s see how day 2 goes! If you are traveling today be safe! 

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