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Weekend Recap

Oh how I love weekends in NH. I never want to come home and if the little kitty wasn’t there I might put up more of a stink. This past weekend was another amazing weekend that started off directly after work where I met up with the boyfriend and we got on the road to the condo. A quick pit stop at the liquor store to get some beverages and use the restrooms and we were up there in no time. I was pretty hungry for dinner since it was approaching 9:00 so we stopped by one of his favorite spots to get food. Looking at the cute decorations and menu of this Mexican place held great promise for me and I was excited to try out the food.

The excitement quickly left though as I thought it was horrible. My steak tacos were freezing because they dumped a ton of cold tomatoes and onions on them and I wasn’t a huge fan of the cornbread. I also didn’t like the margarita, it tasted like cheap tequila and bad mix in my opinion. I quickly decided that if we were to come back here chips and guac would be the go-to meal and I would just get water or bottle beers. The evening wasn’t lost though as when we got to the condo and unloaded the car, the boyfriend started the fire and I then got it roaring.

It is the same fireplace I grew up with and it made me a tad nostalgic, I was quickly sitting right by it warming up and relaxing. Then I poured myself a glass of brandy to enjoy slowly by the fire. I’m starting to come around to the warm oaks and vanilla scents of brandy.

After the nightcap I fell asleep eager to wake up because we had plans to go skiing if the weather was ok, and it sure was! We woke up to sunshine and a few flakes of snow coming down. We packed up our stuff and headed on over to Wildcat Mountain to enjoy their opening day, that makes Killington and Wildcat we have skied this year on opening day!

Hopefully Attitash opens in Dec so I we can do that opening day as well. The weather and the mountain were beautiful  and we skied for more than two hours, after that going down one single trail got a little boring so we headed on back to the condo. When we pulled in the driveway I was so bummed because I was hoping his aunt and uncle and the doggies would be there, but the driveway was empty, yet when we opened the door we were greeted by the puppies!! I adore both of them and cannot wait until we get one ourselves!

After a quick change we headed to Matty B’s where I got my favorite Turkey Sandwich ever. It is fresh shaved turkey, with lettuce, American cheese (comes with cheddar but I grew up on American), garlic aioli, and maple smoked bacon all sandwiched between two pieces of 12 grain bread that has been griddled. I opted for the Caesar as the side to save some calories but ended up eating it all and it was loaded with dressing so perhaps fries would have been the safer portion control option.

On full bellies we headed over to a ski shop so I could look at new boots, it also happened to be where his aunt and uncle were at the time too. A few hours later I walked out with brand new boots and a new bag to hold them. I had been having some massive calf pain when skiing because the boot was just so tight, but getting into the proper boot and not just the one on sale is probably going to make a world of a difference. Later on that night while we were all hanging out it started to snow pretty hard making a coating on the deck.

I was totally enamored about being in the condo with the fire and the tons of snow.

Even the next morning when I woke up to take a run, it was so beautiful and so peaceful.

Like I said, if the kitty wasn’t home I wouldn’t have wanted to leave. We did end up going home after my run and shower though with a quick detour into Dunkin to get me some coffee. I wanted to try the Red Velvet Latte since I had never seen it, and oh my heaven is it amazing. I don’t even want to know the calorie count of this uber smooth drink.

We made it home and I quickly started doing the 4 loads of laundry and then went out to get my nails done and a quick stop at the store to get ingredients to make a Bolognese sauce that night, recipe to come later. It was a lazy day with the kitty though that ended with some red wine and football.

There really couldn’t have been a better weekend, I’m completely satisfied and only sad that it is over.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and managed to stay warm!


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