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Mad About The Boy

Happy Friday! I think my uber long weeks are coming to a close finally and I’ll be able to blog and post more, that being said I only have to work one day next week and then I’m off for Thanksgiving break so they may be few and far between next week as well. A post awhile back I did an update on what was making me happy and I would like to continue that (and since it is my blog I can do what I want) so this week what is making me happy is: 
A new book that I couldn’t put down and just finished today called “The Theory of Opposites” by Allison Winn Scotch. Look for the book review soon. 
Going skiing with the boyfriend this weekend. We are meeting up after work and heading up to NH. I cannot wait, even if we don’t’ go skiing I love being up there. 
House hunting. Don’t get ahead of yourselves we aren’t buying a house, we are just looking to rent a small one and get out of the city. This couldn’t come soon enough!  
My kitten who I’m going to miss a ton this weekend who has been a complete ham the whole week. 
The fact that Christmas music is playing 24/7 on my Sirius radio! 
That’s all for now, other things are making me happy but those are top of mind. Now onto another book review. I finished this book last week and enjoyed it, though it wasn’t one I couldn’t put down it was a nice distraction just TV watching. 

Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy

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After finishing Mad About The Boy by Helen Fielding I was very content with the story and the way it unfolded. This is another book in the Bridget Jones Diary series, it isn’t a huge spoiler because it has been published and criticized but it takes place post marriage, kids and then death of the infamous Mark Darcy. It chronicles Bridget’s comeback into the dating world and how her life completely changes when she starts to let people in. There were a lot of parts of the book where I could assimilate with where she was in her life and trying to get a date. Two years ago after multiple failures in trying to date I was coerced by my friends to join, the stories that ensued from those dates could have been a blog in and of itself. It was miserable, the whole time I was plagued by a feeling of unnaturalness and wasn’t able to open up enough to actually meet anyone. In the book her friends put her online and she is immediately turned off by the idea yet obsessed with how many people are actually looking at her and talking to her.

She then meets someone through Twitter and the story unfolds around their relationship. There are many times where I was thinking “oh my gosh I totally can relate”, like when she is waiting for him to text and she checks her phone a million times. There were times when I would text my now boyfriend when I wouldn’t hear from him for a little while and I would send a follow up text that was so embarrassing, like 12:30 p.m. “hey did you want to hang out tonight?” with a follow up text 3:00 p.m. “if you are busy that’s totally fine, I just had some spare time” mind you the spare time was already carved out with the hopes that we could hang out that night and I had waited until 12:30 to send the text so it didn’t seem like it was the first thing I was doing that morning.

The book is funny but it is also heartbreaking as she deals with the fact that her husband and children’s father is never coming back and she has to build a life without him and without his help. How all the things that you take for granted with your partner could one day be taken from you. Yes my boyfriend drives my batcrap crazy when he doesn’t put the toilet seat down, but if for some reason I no longer had him around to share the bathroom with I would miss it (luckily he skips over the book reviews so he won’t have amo to not put the damn thing down!)

How do you move on and honor their memory yet still have a life for yourself and your children? I hope it is a question I never have to answer but if I did I hope I am as upbeat and positive as Helen managed to make Bridget. Such a great book and quick read, I hope she comes out with more soon!


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