Happy Birthday Mia

So today is training Tuesday, since you can’t see right now I’ll let you know I’m laughing because last week was an absolute disaster with my training, I didn’t even look at what I was suppose to be doing because I was so packed. Not only was work crazy but it was also Mia’s, one of my besties who I do girls night dinner with, birthday so we went out to eat and then to a Bruins game. Let’s just skip right over the training and get to the fun stuff!

We went out to Nico because that is where is she wanted to go and had a late reservation, which was good because of work being absolutely insane for me. I showed up and was a little apprehensive as the place was so small and it wasn’t packed, but was quickly put to rest when the antipasta came out. I didn’t even get a picture in when it came out because we dove right in. I think my favorite part was the giardiniera, which is a pickled vegetable, they reminded me of banana peppers only it was carrots and cauliflower as well. The mozzarella was also so fresh it just melted in the mouth and had a hint of basil.

The special was some seared scallops with truffle risotto which as you can imagine is exactly what Allie and I got. I have to say although the scallops were good the risotto was really lacking in the truffle punch in the face flavor I love. I actually added some extra truffle oil to the leftovers when I got home to make it pop a little.

Mia on the other hand got one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever had. It was a Bolognese sauce that had such a depth in flavor I had a hard time not asking for a second bite.

We talked for a long time and it was great to just catch up and relax. What she didn’t know that in two days we would all get together again for the Bruins game. By a happy circumstance I had gotten tickets to a game with my dad and Mia’s boyfriend also got a lot of tickets for everyone to go to the game as well. So I met up with them before and then got to go into the game with my dad.

I hope she had a fantastic time for her birthday week because I know I did.


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