Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday to you all! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, I know I sure did. It started Friday after work where the boyfriend and I went to the Ski and Snowboard expo that was going on in the city. We went in with the mindset that we would just look at what was new and perhaps get an idea for where we wanted to take our big ski trip this year and I ended up leaving with snow pants, head sock, gloves, and hot chilies as well as random prizes we got from all the booths.

I think one of my favorite things was a photo booth that the boyfriend and I went in. It is the first printed picture we have of each other, though the boyfriend decided to make the same face the entire time so they aren’t typically funny, I guess it just shows who he really is (HATES HIS PICTURE TAKEN!)

Me being a goof trying on snowpants

Saturday I was up early to make cookies and vegetables for the Friendsgiving I was having with my ladies. I will link the pictures my friend at Satin Sky photography took when she posts them. The cookies were some of my favorite pumpkin cookies but I decided to put a twist on them on put caramel bits in them

Image from Walmart.com
Don’t do it! These are just for melting like they say on the label!! They all fell to the bottom of the cookie and burnt. I was so bummed as these cookies are so good! Luckily I was able to get a dozen out that weren’t horrible. The boyfriend has been eating the non burnt parts for two days now and loves them so all is not lost. 
So before Friendsgiving I decided I needed to look at Toms Shoes once and for all to see if I really like them. I’m in search of flats as they make my feet feel a million times better when I wear them, they absorb the impact more so my hip doesn’t start hurting and the boyfriend also loves them more. We stopped by Urban Outfitters and I found an awesome pair of periwinkle blue ones that I adore. These things are like walking on little clouds, they are so comfortable that I didn’t take them off the whole time I was at Friendsgiving which says a lot since I’m queen of the bare feet. 

Friendsgiving was amazing, it was three of my high school friends their boyfriends/husbands and also Erin came, Brian couldn’t make it because he was in Brazil. Yes this Erin is moving to Brazil a few months after her wedding. I’m heartbroken but the boyfriend reminds me I can go visit them a few times and they will be back. The food was excellent, the drinks were plenty and the game of Cards Against Humanity was hysterical. We ended up staying until well after 10, and left with a great start to the holiday season. 

Sunday morning I woke up and had a breakfast of leftovers while looking at holiday catelogs, which is the ideal Sunday morning. I then went over to Brighton for another run, this one was 7.3 miles but the fastest mile I ran was a 10 minute 10 second mile, the slowest was an 11 minute. I wasn’t thrilled with how I felt but I was ok with the distance. I then came home and the boyfriend and I ordered food, sadly it was disgusting, I was so upset because it took so long to get to us and we were starving by the time it arrived. Then we went to take a bite and it was freezing cold which is frustrating and once reheated it was gross. Luckily we got it through Foodler.com and they were amazing about giving us a refund. Two thumbs way up for them! 

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend! 

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