Weekend Recap

Not only have I been so busy at work, I also got my yearly review on Friday and there was mention of a little too much Internet time. I know it is all blog stuff so sadly I will have to spend more home time crafting these. I don’t mind as I love to do it, I just liked it taking a part in my work day because it means less time on the more boring stuff. That pays the bills though so I gotta go with them!

Onto my weekend. Friday started off pretty horrible. One of my close coworkers lost her brother Thursday night which just really made me feel sick the whole day thinking about it. So Friday when the boyfriend asked what I wanted to do I asked for a low key date night. He delivered and we went to Vinny’s in Somerville. It was a fantastic Italian place that is actually a convenience store during the day. There are no pictures as that is part of date night rules, but I had a phenomenal rice ball and then gnocchi for my main dish. The next best thing was the check, we each got two courses, a bottle of wine and dessert yet only spent $80.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early and heading out to UMass Amherst to see two of my brothers. After what happened Friday this visit was just what I needed and was glad we had planned a month before. My youngest brother goes there so we first went to the top of the library to see the whole campus without walking around and then went to lunch.

After we hung around and they played a few games on xbox while I talked to them. I also found a Bane mask that I felt I needed to wear. Baneface selfie anyone?

I then headed home and went with the boyfriend out to see my friend and her husband who just got back from their honeymoon a week ago. It was a great time had by all and I didn’t end up going to bed until almost 3 in the morning. It was definitely a sleep in day on Sunday followed by my longest run to date.

7 miles! I was so proud when I finished considering my race is only going to be 6 miles I have a great feeling about it. Then the boyfriend and I headed down to get my favorite Chinese food in Stoughton and visit his mom and Step Dad. It was a perfect low key night. The next day after a lazy morning we went out and hiked the Blue Hills, it was perfect weather and a perfect end to the weekend.

We came home for a mini birthday celebration where someone special got a new bed. I can’t believe the little guy is two!

I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend!

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