So it’s time for another serious blog post, I’ve done a few that range in topics from emotional weight to not knowing what you want to do with your life and being ok with the search. This one is about stress, what triggers it and what are ways that you can combat it. I want to start off though by saying that I’m not a doctor, I have zero education in any health related fields, these are all my opinions and what I have done or am trying to do to maintain a sane level of stress.

If you are like me then you have a stressful job, if you aren’t then please tell me how you got so lucky. Sometimes I have to sit back and say “it’s just effing beer we are selling here, not nuclear secrets and not cures to cancer, just effing beer” yet that is lost with the day to day stresses of doing the job and doing it well. There are many stresses in my job, from making sure that everything is accurate to dealing with a lot of “good ole boys” networks that are richly engrained into the culture I work in. There are many times when I have been close to tears because I am just so stressed about something work related, and I have had to find ways to make myself relaxed more to find that zen area in my life so I can manage without falling apart. The following are a list of things I do to manage stress in my life.

Girlfriends, girlfriends, girlfriends. I have an amazing support network of girls who I see at least once a week if not more and would not be able to survive without them! These girls are my rocks and people I run to when things are going well in my life. I bounce what is bothering me off them and get their feedback, I celebrate with them, I mourn with them, literally who I am has to do with who these ladies have made me. I have the fun ones who bring out the crazier side of me and I have the ones who remind me that being a classy lady is more attractive than the choice I would have made if left to my own devices.

You thought you were getting an actual face shot?! He’s in there though 🙂

The boyfriend. Though my girlfriends have made me he is the one who lives with me every day. Sometimes he is part of the stressor (please, you have all had things that bother you when you had roommates, it doesn’t go away even if you love the person!) but most of the time he is the one who hugs me and makes me feel like even if my world were to fall apart he would catch as many pieces as possible and make it ok again. I remember saying “I know I would make it” when we were talking about me and my job and he goes “we, you know we will make it”. He reminds me constantly that we are a team now so if I’m stressed he does everything in his power to make it ok. Even the other night when I was having body image issues he sat with me while the world series was going on and talked me through them.

Tucker man!!! If you can do one thing in life to make it better I would say get an animal. I use to have fish and now I have graduated to a kitkat, someday in the future it will be a dog as well. Animals are such joy and love you unconditionally, on top of that they can even sense when you have had a bad day and are affectionate towards you. There is nothing better than coming home after a horrible day and seeing those huge eyes stare up at me ready to play. He doesn’t care if I look good or smell good or have done my job perfectly. He just wants me to love, pet and play with him (oh and he wouldn’t mind a treat here or there if I have one) There is a reason that animals are brought into nursing homes and hospitals, they really just lift your spirits.

House plants. I know this seems crazy but they don’t take a ton of work and they really brighten up any space you have. I am thinking of one for my desk as I have been putting the flowers from outside in a vase, but those die after a week or so and I’m looking for something a little more long term. I had to give mine to my father when I moved because I didn’t have room in the current house, but when I get a new place I’ll either take them back or get new ones. I mean if he has fallen in love with them I’m not taking them from him.

Cleaning up where you live and where you work! A messy bedroom is a reflection on how you are emotionally. It takes all of five seconds to make a bed in the morning yet I find myself sometimes not doing it anymore. That needs to stop because there is nothing better than getting into a made bed every night. The boyfriend doesn’t make the bed at all and I doubt that will change so when I go to the gym in the morning I’m just going to have to deal with it, but when I don’t there is no reason that the bed cannot be made. I’m still in a debate on picking up his clothes or not, I have friends that do it for their husbands and boyfriends yet I’m not 100% sure I want to go there because once I start I doubt they will ever find their way to the laundry again. He once told me “if you do it for me, I’m going to become lazy”

The kitchen is how you feel about your body and I 100% agree with this. Every night we clean up the kitchen and put things away, yet I have seen kitchens that have stuff everywhere with freezers just packed full of things to the point where you cannot take anything out. How do you even know what is in there?! I grew up in a family that had this same problem, food that was in the back of the fridge that had gone moldy, freezer filled with things you might never eat, pantry stocked with stuff you had never even tried or intended on trying. This is a place where I get a solid A+. The only thing in our freezer right now is ice, corn, peas, bananas, some cantaloupe, and a meal I made that the bf didn’t like for my backup lunches when I don’t feel like cooking. The fact that I can name everything in my freezer is just a sign that it isn’t packed. Nor is my fridge, we have what we need for that week plus some odds and ends, the main thing that takes up all our room is the beverages we have in there. It was a learned habit not to pack the fridge and the freezer with stuff, but once I stopped and also cleaned out the boyfriends fridge when I moved in life has gotten a lot easier.

There are other things I do like go for a run, paint my nails, take a shower etc that I do but these are the main ones that on a day to day basis keep me sane. The big key is to make stress relievers healthy, so you aren’t turning to alcohol, or smoking, or food, or something else that will only make you more stressed out in the end.

Now it’s time for your to share, what do you do to relax?


1 thought on “Stress”

  1. So funny – about two hours ago I made a deal with myself to call you after the gym b/c I haven't talked to you in forever, then I'm sitting here procrastinating work and decide to catch up on your blog and there we are! 🙂 I love you, and I love that you are in my life. xo

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